Tuesday, March 26, 2019

When We Dead Awaken: Writing as Re-Vision and In Search of Our Mothe

Women. Adrienne Rich swears we have our work cut out for us. Alice Walker says we could do so much given the artistic chance. Patricia Williams says that we ar non sleeping. I listen and relate to these women. And I wonder what do I say? I am a woman. I dont know what it means for me to be a woman. I just am. Be Insatiable. Be insatiable and tranquillise a woman. Stand for your beliefs, be a bitch and yet live soft and sexy and agreeable. I timbre like a malodourous commercial for near perfume, I can bring home the bacon, youngster it up in the pan, and never let you forget youre a man, because Im a woman. I am caught in the crossfire of who I am and who I ought to be according to everybody else. Is this what Williams dream at the end of her essay was about? The red ink dress, the hair and she is loud. She is the her that she had always dreamed of being, charming. What I find Fascinating is that up to now she is watching herself from the outside. I do this. I watch my self play to each one role. I am not black, or Hispanic. I am heterosexual. I want to be a wife. I want to be a mother. I can look at society and see myself gaze back at me, white, Christian and content. Does this make me unqualified to read and agnise the meanings in the texts of Alice Walker, of Gloria Anzaldua? What about Adrienne Rich? These women have stared into the face of society and they are not reflected. But I do relate. Sometime I feel like the silent nonage within the majority. The one that thinks and feels and understands and yet is overlooked, ignored. I feel ignored because of the majority view that the because of the majority view that the minority has. I hear about the Mormon in this area, the ... ...s the words of her fascinating self say, Voices lost in the chasm speak from the slow eloquent circumstance of the chasm. They speak and speak and speak, like flowing water and she wakens strong, single hearted and entirely refreshed. Florida Scott Card said you do not need to claim completely the events in your life to make them yours, but when you do, you are fierce with reality. It is not always easy o reality. It is not always easy or notable to be a woman. Being a woman speaks from the chasm, it speaks from the walls, and it speaks from voices within, some chiding some soothing, like flowing water. Works Cited Rich, Adrienne. When We Dead awaken Writing as Re-Vision,in Ways of Reading, 4th ed., (Boston Bedford Books, 1996). Walker, Alice. In chase of Our Mothers Gardens, in Ways of Reading, 4th ed., (Boston Bedford Books, 1996).

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