Sunday, March 17, 2019

War of 1812 Essay -- essays research papers

The War of 1812The contend of 1812, purportedly fought over neutral trading rights, was a very peculiar conflict indeed. Britains trade restrictions, one of the main causes, were aloof two days before the war started the New Englanders, for whom the war was supposedly fought, opposed it the most decisive battle, at New Orleans, was fought after the war ended.During the Napoleonic wars, Britain and France had disrupted US shipping, confiscated American goods, taking US seamen into the British navy, and both sides had blockaded each others ports. This caused great annoyance to American traders, and Britains abduction of American sailors especially caused great uproar and indignation at home. Many called for war, although it is enkindle to note that it was southerners and westerners, the so-called war hawks led by Clay and Calhoun, who back up war who were least affected by Britains actions. Some historians attribute this to their hope to take British Canada and Spanish Florida i n the process of war. The Republican administration, traditionally supportive of France, finally declared war on Britain in 1812, ironically two days after Britain had lifted their trade embargo.Two and a half years of fighting commenced, and when the peace accord was eventually gestural in Ghent, there was no mention whatsoever of neutral rights. The treaty gave neither si...

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