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President Harry S. Trumans Executive Order 9981 :: essays research papers

chair blight S. Trumans Executive Order 9981 On July 26, 1948, President nettle S. Truman orders thedesegregation of the Armed Forces by Executive Order 9981. Prior to Harry Truman passing the Executive Order 9981 onFebruary 2, 1948 he asked Congress to execute a permanentFEPC, and in December 1946, he appointed a distinguishedpanel to serve as the Presidents Commission on courtlyRights, which would recommend "more adequate means andprocedures for the protection of the civil rights of the people of the United States." The Commission noted themany restrictions on blacks, and urged that each person, unheeding of race, color or national origin, should haveaccess to equal prospect in securing education, decenthousing and jobs. Harry Truman sent a spare message toCongress on February 2, 1948 calling for promptimplementation of the Commissions recommendations.Southerners were lovesick with that idea and immediatelythreatened a filibuster, so Truman, unable to secure action from the Congress had no choice but to sack ahead using hisexecutive authority. Critics on Capitol Hill easilystop his proposals.     Some historians believe President Truman had hoped tounite the Democratic Party bypromising civil rights to African Americans, but not pushingso fast as to alienate segregationists. Southern Democratsformed the Dixiecrat Party and nominal South CarolinaGovernor Strom Thurmond for president.      President Trumans Executive Board was the descentstep for further integration in the Armed Forces. FollowingPresident Trumans Executive Order, two boards wereestablished to make recommendations about integration. Apresidential commission chaired by Charles Fahy recommendedan end to discrimination in jobs, schooling, assignment, andrecruitment.      In 1952 it was the Korean War that finally led to thedesegregation of previously all-white combat unit.The of import goal of President Trumans Executiv e Order 9981 wasto grant equality of preaching and opportunity for allpersons in the armed services without regard to race, color, morality or national origin. There shall be created in theNational forces Establishment an advisory committee to beknown as the Presidents commissioning on Equality of Treatmentand Opportunity in the Armed Services, which shall becomposed of seven members to be designated by thePresident. He to a fault states that the committal shallconfer and advise the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary ofthe Army, the Secretary of the Navy, and the Secretary ofthe institutionalise Force.      Over 2.5 million African-American men registered forthe draft, and black women also volunteered in largenumbers. While serving in the Army, Army line of reasoning Forces, Navy,

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