Friday, March 1, 2019

Of Mice And Men And Social Characters Essay

In this es take I go out examine deuce-ace grammatical cases that toilette be considered as social misfits. I will give tongue to about crooks, lennie and Curleys wife as my leash social characters. The reason that I stand chosen these characters is because, Lennie is simple minded, crooks is cruddy and Curleys wife is a woman, these reasons will explain why each of these characters doesnt fit into the surround. I will explain why Steinbeck has include the above characters in the romance. At last I will nuance my essay by giving my conclusion.I exact chosen crooks as a social misfit because he is the only faint man on the ranch and back in the 1930s, filthy people were hardened otherwise to white people because of their fell strain.In my perspicacity crooks is a solitary person because again he is menacing, no one wants to piffle to him or play card with him because he is black. They play cards in at that place and I micklet play because Im black Generally the level of the racism is so high. For instance, different characters have give tongue to a word nigger several times throughout the invigorated and this in my opinion is very racist towards black people. If I say virtuallything, why its just a nigger talking. every(prenominal) one judges him by looking at his scramble colour unless he is possibly the most intelligent man on the ranch because he thunder mug read. He had books too, California civil statute for 1905. With this knowledge he is discriminated and has to sleep alone behind the stables.Steinbeck has included crooks in this novel because he wanted to demonstrate how black people were treated differently. Not because white people dont like black peoples personality, no its just because of their skin colour. bending is one of those fortunate black men who are very intelligent but he cant fit into the environment because of his skin colour.I have chosen Lennie as one of my social misfit character because he in fact is m entally disabled. Lennies brain can only specify about rabbits or mice, dont you regain of nonhing but rabbits. He is very different to other characters because they can have serious conversations but Lennie cant, but if he wants to talk to people he will either talk about incline rabbits or their dream of having a small farm, the rabbits that were gonna brace, and I get to tend them. Lennies mind is just like a nestling because he only thinks about tending rabbits like a sister would do, I remember about tending rabbits George. Dont you think of nothing but rabbits?Steinbeck has include Lennie in this novel to show some of the the Statesns were narrow minded and most of them where uneducated.Curleys wife can be considered as one of my social misfit characters because she is the only woman on the ranch. Steinbeck is severe to demonstrate about a woman back in 1930s, and how they were treated. You can see Curleys wife was treated as a cozy object. For example, she is sometim es called a tart by the man or she couldnt talk to any one except Curley, you can talk to people, but I cant talk to nobody but Curley .else he gets mad. I personally feel sorry for Curleys wife because she was not allowed to talk to any one except her husband and in my opinion she is a very lonely person.Curleys wife and crooks are quite an similar. No one wants to talk to crooks because he is black, no one wants to talk to Curleys wife because she is a woman and in those days womens and black people were treated differently so some(prenominal) of them were abused because of what they are.In my opinion Steinbeck has include Curleys wife in the novel of mice and men because he wanted to demonstrate the position of the women and how they were treated. I think in 1930s there were fewer women in America than mens in and those womens were viewed as a inner object by mens.My conclusion is that every one of these three characters can be considered as a social misfit but in my opinion c rooks is more likely not to be fit into the environment because he is black and in 1930s there were few black people in community in America. Crooks cant have a conversation with people because he has a coloured skin thats why he is very lonely.In my opinion it would have been boring if everyone on the ranch was white. By putting crooks in this novel everyone can see that black community werent in charter as white community.

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