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Office Visit Essay

DHL is known for its re couchation and returns throughout the world. study(ip) online vendors like Amazon. com and Barnes & Nobles as well as some(prenominal) other industries utilise DHL speed post assistant to deliver their items and couriers to their clients. It has been an immense pleasure to retaliate sensation of their branch assembly line leaders and the layout of their work as well as their mooring has certainly been impressive.As time becomes more(prenominal) and more precious in the world of right away, multitude are willing to invest into time-saving services. DHL has undoubtedly been wizard of them. Several industries conglomerate in marketing and gross revenue on a orbicular basis employ their services due to the reputation it holds in the industriousness. From receiving expect piece of lands and couriers to sending express packages and couriers, DHL has been well-known for its reputation in the express mail and courier facility and its reliability for spirit service.Though its major task has most comm precisely been linked with the express mail task, the DHL industry spreads itself into various other industrial sectors as well much(prenominal) as audio visual and telecommunications, electronics telecom, enterprisingness computer systems, fashion and fashion solutions, global automotive solutions, pharma/healthcare and semiconductors. DHL presents an amazing work history. Founded by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillbolm and Robert Lynn from their finishing names (DHL), DHL was established in the year 1969 via first express avenue that started from San Francisco to Honolulu, the success of DHL didnt just stop there.Serving as a formation for innovative ideas, DHL was the first in its industry to provide reenforcement prior to the arrival of the cargoes that rushed the route of importing of swells. Due to its good express service, it began to gain its recognition in the industry and this likewise initiated to hit the roof its rou tes from Hawaii and Far East to as far as the philia East. By 1988, DHL could be found in more than 170 countries and employing more than 16,000 employees in its firm. DHL offers a lucrative career for those twisting in the sales and marketing field. The career options are m whatever, including part-time as well as freelance.While the current estimate of the number of citizenry hired is touchy as of 2005 statistics, DHL had employed more than 110,000 employees in more than 200 countries (DHL, 2007). In the current percentage visit, there were around 50 employees assisting in the tasks involved in delivery and node service, the head of whom. It mainly dealt with dealing calls from customers and answer several queries with respect to the instals placed by their gild. The office layout is impressive. Designed into several cubicles, this organize ensured becoming quadruplet for each employee to work in good-looking them their privacy (Martin, 2001).However, there are a few disadvantages linked with much(prenominal) kind of computer architecture. Id prefer the DHL team to work without walls. The modern article on office cubicles and the joy of employees related to the demise of the cubicles is a proof enough to show that though cubicles grants privacy, it is not the trump out construction for offices to work effectively (Lotozo, 2006) In cubicles, we have walls separating one employee from another thereby giving privacy but in todays wariness, the best way to work is to work in teams.This requires the employees to work to modernizeher and of course, without the social movement of walls. As Marilyn S. Burroughs in her article entitled, Work spaces that work designing gamey realizeance offices states, The future will see more teams that function as amoebae broadening and contracting, blurring both the touch and the boundaries. Teams will be disposable, sometimes lasting moreover several hours theyll be wholly elastic, coming in all sizes, a nd people will slip in and out of them instantly.And office designs will suit these ever changing teams Flexibility, spontaneity, and the need to be fluid applies to the physical purlieu as well as to work processes The growth of teams is helping to lead functional silos and to flatten organizations because teams require faster, clearer, more direct, and more spontaneous communication. Teaming requires a less-structured atmosphere, one that is much more informal, participatory, and flexible (Burroughs, 1996).The other section of the DHL part contained the packages that were delivered by trucks to the office (the office visited was one of the DHL branch present in my city) and the packages were neatly arranged agree to their topical anestheticities in the storage room. Each package was handled carefully by each employee as they are responsible for the proper delivery of the package and any harm to the courier package would slopped refunds from the customer from the firm respon sible for the courier.The type of workload that DHL handles varies from customer service (attending calls, queries and even e-mailing that involves the use of computers) to handling courier packages. An attendant is always train at hand to answer any queries for visitors and the work space ensures that the customer is comfortable. Though the office is divided into cubicles, a comfortable space for the customers has been designed. The space has sofas and is moderately lit.The marketing strategies of DHL have been extremely successful in fall military control on a global basis and its success has been apparent since its inception. As of recent, DHL won the contract from RE/Max network. It was a multimillion clam agreement with the caller-up that has a network from over 60 countries with 119,000 franchises. The friendship will now employ DHL services for express and international transferral (Business Wire, 2007). The winning of the multimillion contracts itself is a proof of it s successful marketing and contract strategies.The course has been successful since the year of its inception. DHL, of recent, employs more than 300,000 employees throughout the world. The online tool that helps in the exaltation tracking on an every-day basis has been extremely useful for many customers who inclination to monitor their packages. Furthermore, the DHL merged with the Deutsche Post Euro Express (that is the leading postal provider in Germany and Europe) thereby giving DHL the access to an extensive reliable highroad network through Europe for business and private clients (Business Wire, 2006).Therefore, the kind of offices that DHL requires is the one that assists with the needs of the employees and the customers. Since there are many vendors and merchants who have partnered with DHL, an office specifically addressing the company inquiries plays a vital role. The future plans of the DHL are many, one of which has been give tongue to by the Deutsche Post Euro Expre ss is the employment of zombis. Hermann Franck, the DHL master mind calls this as the Cinderella feature where he states, Developers also plan to integrate RFID engineering science into the portion robot.The idea is simple. With transponders placed on parcels and the robot being equipped with a reading device, the machine could identify the contents of the parcel during the gripping process. The robot would be able to pick through the parcels, just like Cinderella plectrum through the ashes to find the lentils, explains DHLs mastermind Hermann Franck. The idea is not to put the bad into the crop, as the fairytale goes, but to sort the parcels according to specific destination criteria, for instance (Deutsche Post World Net, 2007).As DHL continues to expand itself in various areas, it comes with advanced ideas as well. The DHL Company has an innovation center that addresses the needs of customers and becoming their first choice as well. DHL has been continuously involved in evol ving itself technologically and keeps itself in pace with the current events and machines that would facilitate in the development of the company in every way. The modern architecture of today plays a vital role in the successes of such companies.While the DHL office visit truly gave an insight into a companys goals, aspirations and billetes, the business architecture is worth appraising. A business architecture, as stated by the BPM institute is, comprehensive framework utilize to manage and aline an organizations business processes, Information Technology (IT) software system and hardware, local and wide area networks, people, operations and projects with the organizations overall strategy (BPMinstitute. org, 2007). The DHL office is equipped with the latest tracking software with internet availability.The company has also been rigorous in performing regular checks on technology where it employs the latest to aid in the innovative express service that it offers to its custome rs. The business has been steadily growing and every year, it has marked a progress by improving its technology on a yearly basis. Today, the trend of study architecture plays a vital role in the businesses and thus, the successes of the businesses mainly verify on what kind of information architecture has been or is being used by the business.As Judith Lamont in her article, Setting the stage for success- information architecture earns performance kudos from customers states, Information architecture is the process of organizing and structuring information so that it is logical in design and presentation. It establishes categories and relationships among different pieces of information. It defines metadata schemes, navigation and search interfaces. sincere architecture not only helps users find information, but also facilitates modify content by having clear rules for adding new information.And its effects show steer on the bottom line with surprising speed when users do-noth ing get what they need in just a few clicks (Lamont, 2003). The basic structure that DHL uses is the information architecture. However, it also implements the green light architectural strategy in state to expand its business foster. Every businesss architecture plays a vital role in its success as it acts like a blue move for transformation and technology modernization.In the current office visit, I found that due to the high success rates, the employees are knowing to reply their satisfied clients in every way they can. Therefore, they create a premise that works efficiently in creating a comfortable and good office surround for workers as well as customers. The DHL Company has been found to work with good working ethics and therefore, if there were any progress improvements that could be suggested to this company, it could be on the basis of the enterprise architecture where it can satisfy the workers and the clients to a greater extent than it does today.The DHL in incorp orateds seven cultures in its company where it believes that employing highly talented people in its office actually boosts the status of being a responsible global corporate. Furthermore, it strives to deliver excellent quality and fosters openness. The company also acknowledges its social responsibility as well as strives to act in an entrepreneurial manner. This makes the company look professional and therefore, is the report success to all its ventures.Since it abides by the seven corporate cultures identified, the employees abide by it acknowledging its essence in the industry. Regular training and rewards are given to employees who perform well in their work. The DHL Company also believes that it is through its seven corporate cultures that it poses a stiff competition for its competitors. The benefits of enterprise architecture have been turn out efficient in the world of today. If DHL wants to pursue its interests and expansions further, it should acknowledge the essence o f enterprise architecture and therefore, as R.Suter in his article entitled, Securing strategic benefit from enterprise architecture states, Enterprise architecture enables the transformation of organizations into efficient users of capital, be it benignant/intellectual, organizational, or technical. It does so by identifying capability and resource requirements of the agency rush before resources are committed to development, thereby minimizing the risk of costly retread and schedule overruns identifying reuse and streamlining opportunities for technologies, processes, procedures, and information assets.During subsequent development, architecture also enables the management of out-of-scope changes which, however meritorious, would derail subsequent modernization efforts (Suter, 2007). The proper framework of any organization helps in the building of a successful business and therefore, only a proper architecture that updates and aligns itself with the business policies of today can attend that the business can be successful. Management itself is considered a part of architecture that ensures that there is a continuous development.DHLs business plans have been agreeable and successes have been evident. The fact that it provides excellent client and customer service is the soil why many companies prefer to deal with DHL though some of its prices may seem high compared to its competitors. DHL maintains itself by sustaining its ties through its sustaining plan where it helps sustain environment (which is a social responsibility), economic performance (by promoting sustainable economic development), people and communities (by providing employment opportunities) and many more.It helps in the continuous development of talents for its employees by oblation employment training and development programs. Thus, an employee working with DHL is continuously updated and its corporate set help in maintaining a fair attitude towards its employees. The ethical appre hension of the DHL Company is evident through its sustaining programs that highlight on equal opportunities and also promotes general health promotion campaigns followed by providing an ideal management program that rewards the efficient and hardworking employees (DHL International, 2007).Maintaining such a network has helped DHL to advance further and I believe the management style of DHL is absolutely efficient in delivering success to its members and thus, is well managed. As DHL further undergoes expansion, it is evident that there is a scope for further additions to its offices throughout the world and if any recommendation is to be offered, I believe it would be asking the DHL to comprehend the significance of software architecture in the world of today.Basically, it is just a blue print for constructing new products and therefore, as DHL aims to be innovative in its methods (thereby providing satisfactory service to its clients and customers) an expansion into the software ar chitectural strategy would be a marvelous addition. The easy part about the software architecture would be that it wouldnt require any installations but would products based on software architecture are installed. The role of software architectural strategy is to account for the finished development of the product that is normally done by various sectors such as building and configuring.Since several sectors of DHL deal with several aspects of technology, the software architectural strategy would provide a fundamental base for the development of new products with innovative ideas (Sanders, 1992). This is the IBMs Distributed Data Management Architecture and is meant for distributed application a service which is similar to the one we encounter in DHL Company. This would only serve as an innovative step for the DHL to proceed further in order to satisfy the clients and customers it sustains in its database.

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