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Human Trafficking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Human Trafficking - Essay ExampleHuman trafficking continues to be a major problem every(prenominal) over the world, and bringing about awareness will change it to be better addressed.First things first, we will bring awareness to the fact that human trafficking does not exactly effect those who are poor. The abundant are affected, too. For instance, there may be bulk who are rich and living in another country. They pay off a surplus of money and would like to use it to go away to the United States because they believe that coming to this country will afford them better opportunities, such as financial gain and a chance to have greater success. These individuals contact smugglers to help them come here, and they pay these smugglers enceinte sums of money. But one of two things happens that support land the rich into being victims of human trafficking. unity scenario can be that the one smuggling them may be a part of the human trade, and rather than component these indivi duals to just come over to the United States to lead a better life, they can turn on them and make them part of the human cargo they wish to trade and sell. The other scenario can be that one time they do get to the United States, they can fall victims of human trafficking in that they are normally go forth to their own devices after being smuggled and will more than likely not understand how everything whole works in this country. They will not know where to obtain resources, and they will more than likely not be completely familiarize with the laws here (U.S. Department of State, 2005). Their lack of knowledge coupled with being in an unknown place is a perfect recipe for a human trafficking victim.A second issue in regards to human trafficking that needs awareness is that men are also victims of human trafficking. A number of people may not think that to be possible however, it does happen, whether people want to believe it or not. One way that men can become victims is becau se the one trafficking them will use tactics, such as violence, coercion, and force. horizontal manipulation can be a factor. Men, like women, can be forced into prostitution, and they are force field to brutal treatment, such as rape and violence, in the same way that women are. And because human trafficking is not single restricted to sex work, both men and women are kidnapped to work in factories or doing other outlaw(prenominal) migrant work, such as working with agriculture. Both factory and illegal migrant work have a sour history of workers being paid cheaply or not at all (U.S. Department of State, 2005).Then there is the assumption that human trafficking does not occur in the United States and that it is a problem far from us. However, this is far from the truth. Human trafficking occurs right here on our home soil, as

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Coyote and Geronimo Accounts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

brush wolf and Geronimo Accounts - Essay eventCoyote caused the cow to result in a stampede and escaped via rear fence to his pecks advantage (Welker). Conversely, Geronimo was a peaceful Indian prior Mexican soldier invaded their camp maculation they had traveled to trade in the Old Mexico. They terminated their people were among them was his family and a mother beside looting. This brewed hatred that prompted him to force back revenge against his adversaries, for almost a decade. Protagonists Coyote and Geronimo despite emanating from different accounts bear comparable traits that are distinct in their unfolding events.Coyote and Geronimo depict determination that is evident in their actions. Coyote after cite the people and brainstorming how they will attain the buffalo, he volunteers to undertake the mission but fails on the sign occasion. This did not demoralize him where he tried the second instance as a dog and succeeded inaccessing the homestead to chase the buffalo out. Similarly, Geronimos determination is evident when after finding that Mexican soldiers birth terminated his family, he joined Apache and led his followers to avenge themselves on Mexicans (Native American Legends).Coyote and Geronimo, their howling(a) actions illustrate strong leadership skills. Coyote summoned his followers after fours days to brainstorm how to get the buffalo from Humpback. The followers lacked any idea, but he devised excellent tactics as a leader, which he contemplated would be successful and even choosing to undertake it. Likewise, Geronimo due to the hatred that resulted from having his family and people terminated, choose to spur hundreds of Apaches for revenge (Cantley 54).Coyote in his actions depicted trickery, contrary to his counterpart Geronimo in his mission.

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Study Case (computer Crime) Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

(computer Crime) - Case Study ExampleAccording to the sexual exploitation of childrens act, the charge is guilty of get offing visual depiction a sexual misconduct against children. The incriminate had the duty to verify that the stuff transported was safe for use and free of any sexual exploitation. However, failure to observe this measure makes the defendant an confederate to children sexual exploitation.Furthermore, the defendant claimed that the evidence used against him was insufficient to confirm him as guilty. The defendant states that the goods were part of a foreign interstate commerce. The hard drives, as well as the webcam were probably made from Korea or China. However, he depended on his experience and assumed that they originated from Korea or China thus, free of any sexual videos. It is unlawful to transport videos of sexual exploitation on children. The government requires that individuals trading in foreign computer hardware essential be keen to avoid the sale of hardware with consisting of videos that sexually exploit children. The defendant is guilty as he failed to do his job professionally assuming that the place of origin of the hard drive and webcam were safe.On the other, the defendants trial was delayed, which is against the sixth amendment. This amendment requires that an accused must face immediate trial when accused of criminal activities. Delayed trial is a rapine of an accused sixth amendments right (Jordan 123). Nevertheless, violation of the defendant does not make him less guilty or free from the crime committed. The court was provided with seemly evidence to prove that the defendant was guilty. It is rightful for the court to convict the defendant to avoid similar disrespect in future.In the case of Acevado, the defendant was sentenced following a panel of adjudicators trial of aiding, and producing and assisting in the universe of discourse of a visual portrayal of a minor

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How Organisations can Utilise the Talent Pipeline Essay

How Organisations female genital organ Utilise the talent Pipeline - Essay ExampleThe paper will also focus on how the concept of trounce practice canister contribute to talent management. In order for the constitution to utilise the talent pedigree to be a super achiever, factors such as acquisition, utilisation, development and reward of talent have to be taken into consideration. The first step that should be taken by the organisation is to attempt to streamline its enlisting efforts so that they are geared towards attracting the best talent in order for it to operate viably. Pfeffer (1989, p.65) suggests that companies which are refer about their competitiveness as well as making profits by dint of people ought to apply the effort needed to ensure that they recruit the right people in the first place. In this regard, in that respect is need to create a super fit whereby candidates with qualities that meet the expected role standards are recruited in the organisation. Tal ent is identified during the recruitment exercise and it is my strong conviction that the right person is selected to fill the attitude within the organisation. Such a move can motivate me to join a particular organisation given that I will be aware of the fact that I have the right skills and talent to execute the tasks that will be designate to me. Factors to consider when recruiting employees There are many factors that can be considered when determining the right person to fill the post available in the organisation. According to Baron & Kreps (1999), candidates who boast greater talent and knowledge of the of the job ought to be given preference as these can be continually developed to meet the changing expectations of the organisation. This is supposed to be the first stage in recruitment and ultimately retention of bright employees given that the employers are given the opportunity to assess the candidates at looking at value if they are capable of meeting the demands of the job as well as to establish if they possess interests for that particular job. This stage heralds a complex process that is concerned with choosing the right candidates for the organisation. It is easier to retain a bright employee than the one who is not as going to be illustrated below. Retention of employees Employers can utilise the talent of the employees through implementing various measures. According to Pfeffer (1998), there is need for the organisation to take into consideration the needs of the employees so that they can put optimum performance in their operations. I am also of the idea that if the employee is treated as a valuable asset to the organisation, he is likely to utilise his talents for the betterment of the organisation in the motion of his expected duties. The employee should be given the opportunity to display his prowess in that particular task assigned to him. The employers must also be accommodative to the ideas that may be suggested by the employ ee such that his talent can be fully utilised for the benefit of the organisation as a whole. Development of employees Acquisition of talented employees is not an end in itself given that there is need to ceaselessly develop these employees so that they quell competent in their operations. According to Schultz et al (2003), organisations operate in a dynamic environment that is constantly changing and in order for them to remain viable, they need to adopt change. On the other hand, the employee

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IFRS 15 Revenue from contracts with Customers Essay

IFRS 15 Revenue from contracts with Customers - Essay ExampleIn addition, discussion of the key elements of the IFRS 15 and challenges facing entities will be undertaken. In conclusion, potential improvement in global performance reporting as a result of implementing the IFRS 15 will be identified. consort to Wagenhofer (2013), effective and comprehensive tax income recognition example plays a pertinent role in the grooming of fiscal information to capital markets and facilitation of performance evaluation. Wagenhofer (2013) therefore noted that the information of tax income was important for the next purposes informing capital providers, facilitation of performance evaluation and in the management of earnings. Revenue information underpins the effectiveness of the decision-making framework of capital providers (Holt 2013b). Information on revenue provides the basis of performance measurement by major companies thereby serving as the fundamental indicator of the financial status of the company. McConnell (2014) noted that the reporting on revenue provides the companys financial information that includes gross income, gross profit and net income. Vis a vis, revenue provides capital marketers with vital valuation information within a given period. Assessment of the revenue by financial analysts provides information on the size of the company and the trajectory of the growth pattern of the company. Additionally, revenue enables financial analysts to project future performance and growth of the company based on financial records such as market demand for the goods and services of the company. Therefore, comprehensive revenue information adequately advices investors and financial analyst on the current status of the company.Revenue information is further crucial in the management of the operations of a company. Revenue serves as a key tool in the evaluation of the performance of a company. gibe to Holt (2013c), most companies are guided by the statistics of th eir revenue in setting performance

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Criminal Profiling of Satanic Followers Research Paper - 1

Criminal Profiling of Satanic Followers - Research Paper Example However, from the constabulary enforcement perspective, it is not easy to classify a criminal activity as a satanic crime and, thus, quail an investigation only to the suspects who claim to be Satanists (Lanning, 89). To start with, while there are several criteria that elicit help law enforcement officers to classify a crime as satanic, none of them is reliable enough to clear define such a criminal activity. To start with, while some argue that the figurehead of current symbols, such as inverted crosses, pentagrams, or 666 makes a crime satanic, from the law enforcement perspective unless there is a legal-valid perspective for doing so, police have no authority to seize any satanic or unfathomable paraphernalia they might see during the search (Lewis, 2001). The symbols or signs have no any signifi shadowce for the investigation unless they prove a criminal activity. If a victim includes a Satanic symbol when describing the instruments or a location of the crime, then the symbol can serve as an evidence. However, many cases reveal that despite the presence of certain symbols in the possession of the offender, the crime had no Satanic relation. Furthermore, signs, symbols, and rituals cannot always be interpreted all the way as their meat may change over time, place, and circumstance (Lewis, 2001). As an example, a swastika can represent either prosperity and good fortune, or Nazism and anti-Semitism, or currently hate, paranoia, and adolescent defiance. curiously in cases involving dabblers, teenagers, and other self-styled Satanists, who give the symbols their own meaning, the analysis of symbols and signs may only have a limited application. There are also cases of offenders leaving satanic symbols on the crime scene by choice in order to make the crime look satanic and, thus, confuse the investigators. Thus, when law enforcement officers investigate so-called satanic crimes, th ey need to be objective fact finders (Lanning, 89). While law enforcement officers need to be deft to recognize the possible investigative significance of satanic symbols, rituals, and paraphernalia, it is impossible for one person to know the meaning of all the symbols and rituals of every spiritual belief system. Therefore, symbols cannot be used to clearly classify a law enforcement problem as a satanic activity (Kennedy, 2006).

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Project Implementation Process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Project Implementation Process - Essay ExampleIt is also expected by the stakeholders that almost commercial uses like an artists studio shall arrive at a attitude on the piece of land later it is developed for the generation of further income by drawing more people to the office. It is thus the developers trading to assess the site and, in this report to the School Governors, detail how the various issues put forth by the stakeholders shall be handled to make sure that the 2.5 million pounds budgeted for meet all the needs of developing the project (Kerzner, 2009, p. 9). statutory Issues in Consideration There be several legal matters that need to be dealt with to ensure a smooth running of operations both currently and in the future. It is expected of the developer that all matters legal are put into consideration to eliminate all overleap that may sabotage the project and lead to the breathing out of the benefits expected from the projects that will result from the facili ties erected on the bought site. These issues shall be discussed in the following section to quell the fears of the stakeholders and have their confidence and blessings as to the viability and profit potential of the project (Smock and Stewart, 2006, p. 30). The first issue is the legal access to the site that has been bought from the local authority. All the required documents concerning the transfer of land to the Drove Park School shall be obtained sooner the commencement of the project. The title deed shall be transferred to the Grove Park School originally any action is undertaken. It is expected that the complete transfer of the land from the local authority possessing it to the school shall be completed before the developer takes charge of the projects at hand. This is to avoid the eventualities that may result from the access to land that is under dispute due(p) to one mishap or another (Russill, 2012, p. 41). Another legal issue that requires keen attention is the ency clopedism of the permit from the regimen to allow access to and development of the land in question. An agreement shall be sign-language(a) between Grove Park School and all the authorities that have a vested interest in the land to fully assure the Grove Park School that it has the full possession of the site at hand and that its developer is allowed full access and the use of the land (Nohe, 2009, p. 22). The site needs to be developed from a very poor and hopeless state to inspire the whole area and turn it into a work center of its own standing. Since it is expected that the project shall be very successful, plans should be put in place both with the owners of the land adjacent to the one under development to eliminate any future bank vaults that may jeopardize development and other plans. The Grove Park School should thus focus on liaising with the local authorities to allow future expansion plans without breaking any laws in place. All government rules concerning the futur e plans of the project at hand should be known in advance both by the developer and all parties with vested interest (Kerzner, 2009, p. 15). The developer at this stage assures all parties that all rules and regulations concerning the project both at collapse and in the future are well taken care of and there exists no major hurdle as to the development plans in place. Statutory

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ART Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 9

ART - Essay Example promote, Krauss, Bois, and Buchloh focuses on a crucial payoffhow the germinal work is created, how the artistic manifesto is published and the opening of a major exhibition this crucial event tells us the story of enchanting diversity of practice and interpretation that characterizes the art of the twentieth century. Nevertheless, they made a point to explain in detail all the turning points and breakthroughs of modernism and postmodernism.1. Modernism is generally an artistic approach, which dominated the European and American art and literature in the Twentieth Century. The key features of modernism atomic number 18 thought to be the principles of formalism and the autonomy of art.3. The third aspect is the concept of the avant-garde, which challenges the dominant artistic culture. often referred to as inner logic of modernism, this critical force makes the art move forward towards Postmodernism.Characterized as a critique of Modernism and the project of mo dernity, Postmodernism is best understood as a part of a cultural shift which has been felt in science, philosophy, and the arts. Culture is seen by others (e.g. Jean Baudrillard) as an endless work of imitation (simulation) which signals the end of authenticity and reality and the emergence of hyperreality (Baudrillard 1049-50)2. Interventionist is when the artist becomes a manipulator of signs rather than a producer of wile. The viewer becomes an active reader of messages rather than a passive contemplator of the aesthetic(Foster 1066). This form of Art is described as a social sign entangled with other signs in systems productive of value, ability and prestige (Foster 1066)This critique of Modernity often takes the form of a challenge to the norms and values of western culture as a whole. But this critique is losing its popularity. If we still dont have an answer to Hal Fosters 1996 question, Whatever Happened to

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Discourse Community Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discourse Community - Essay ExampleThe umber shop leave focus on quality delivery with minimum time. The price range is oddly selected keeping in mind the students and also the available market competition. A special attention has be given to the existing competition in the market. Marketing plan is being designed keeping in view the start up budget and business requirements. All the operational requirements especially the suppliers and the equipment necessary for the made operations of the burnt umber shop are catered as well. The need for staffing needs special attention and for these reasons interrupt time employees ordain be present at the coffee shop. At the end the most beta part that is financial projections are being provided which provides a detail view on the cash inflows and outflows.The coffee shop leave behind be a limited partnership between three friends. Two of them named Jane and Rena pass on provide the capital for the initial setup of the coffee shop and the third friend named tail will get 20% of the profits but he wont participate in direction of business as the he is the owner of the place where the shop will be located. Rest 80% of the ownership will be in the hands of Jane and Rena. All will be active partners in the managerial decisions. The reason for this type of partnership is to minimize the initial investment cost as if Johns property wont be used for the purpose of coffee shop the rentals will increase the cost and because John wont be participating in managing the coffee shop, its a limited partnership.Our coffee shop will be aligned with all the health and safe requirements. Clean and distilled water, with proper filtration system will be part of the coffee shop. All the checks and measures related to the gum elastic and environment of the coffee shop will be given the utmost importance.The coffee shop will be a great place where customers can come and socialize. The comfortable environment with open interior, woo dy

Implementation of effective youth justice practice Essay

Implementation of effective callowness justice practice - Essay Examplelunteer or a current youth justice actor is afforded the appropriate and up-to-date knowledge and skills that will make effective youth justice within his/her blowsy grasp. Foundation Degree arms the youth justice histrion with the necessary expertise to effectively die hard out their two-pronged primary functions of supporting the youth who have offended or are prone to offend and at the same ensuring that they do not offend or reoffend. This expertise includes putting into application a variety of strategies and approaches that the worker has learned in the course of the study.The knowledge and expertise that one gains from the course is not, however, cogitate merely on dealing with problem youths that also includes developing the workers own(prenominal) capacity for a reflective kind of approach in his/her work. The youth justice worker is clever to develop a discerning and critical attitude towards hi s/her work as well as ascertain that the same is fundamentally ethical, sound and based on correct and accurate knowledge. This is done by gaining a through and extensive knowledge of the England and Wales youth justice system and the immediate application of this knowledge not only to ones work as a volunteer or professional but also within the context of a multi-agency setting. The several approaches and strategies in dealing with youth offenders afford the worker with the privilege to exercise a critical and analytical approach to determine the trump out fit for apiece case. This precludes a mechanical and routine application of knowledge and skills but rather persistently challenges the worker to eer exercise discriminatory and analytical approach to his/her work. The facility to constantly exercise the wisdom and skills to determine the best option for every case can only contribute to the personal and professional growth of the worker. As the worker handles more and more c ases of youth offenders, his/her analytical skills become more developed and his/her

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How to Negotiates an Enterprise Agreement in Australia Research Paper

How to Negotiates an Enterprise Agreement in Australia - Research typography ExampleThrough an effort agreement, employees, employers as well as bargaining representatives (including sums) negotiate to create a set of employee entitlements bridging the gaps between organizational aims and employee interests. Accordingly, an enterprise agreement can have terms that are added to the subject area Employment Standards in Australia (Aged & Community Services, n.d.). This paper highlights the process of negotiation of enterprise agreement generally followed in Australia. Ways to Negotiate an Enterprise Agreement in Australia An enterprise agreement in Australia is regulated by the New uncontaminating Work System, which was enacted during the year 2009. This agreement works as a tool that allows employers and employees to couple the misalignment and develop an agreement based on mutual interests concerning the rights that may better suit the needs of the unmarried in the respective workplace. There are basically three types of enterprise agreements available in Australia, viz., Single-enterprise agreements, Multi-enterprise agreements and Greenfields agreements. Single- enterprise agreements take place between the employees and a wizard employer emphasizing a particular interest, rather than pickings into account multiple interests. Correspondingly, a multi-enterprise agreement is signed between employees and employers involving more than one interest. Unlike the single and multi-enterprises agreements, the Greenfields agreements are made between an employer and an employee in the organization and can be formed both in the manner of a single?enterprise or a multi?enterprise agreement ( pretty Work Australian Government, 2013). CommencingBargaining The first step of negotiation in signing an enterprise agreement in Australia is to stupefy bargaining between the employee and the employer. There are the two ways by dint of which a bargaining may start in enter prise agreements in Australia. Initially, the employees and employer need to agree to negotiate, following which, employee bargaining process shall instigate. Correspondingly, the union may approach the employer with a proposed agreement or a list of demands, often regarded as a log of claims, conveying those attributes they would like to see in the proposed agreement, or the changes they wish to make to an existing agreement. In broader terms, if approached by the union or the employees, the employer must negotiate and must do so in skilful faith. If the employer refuses to negotiate, the other party may apply to fair work provisions in Australian Fair Work Commission to obtain a majority support determination, mandatory to obtain statutory blessing for the negotiated changes (Australian Fair Work Commission, 2013). Low-Paid Bargaining The recently followed negotiating process of enterprise agreements in Australia provides a new plan of bargaining for industrial development of l ow paying(a) employees. To facilitate the entry of this particular group of employees, interpretation equal significance to the interests of their respective organizational employers, the provision in Australia provides with a special low?paid bargaining benefit. In precise, the provision dictates that Fair Work Australia may convene and chair conferences and guide the parties through the negotiating process in order to secure the interests of low-wage earners within the economy (Teicher & et. al., 2013). Good Faith Bargaining The Fair Work Commission of Australia is also regarded as a determinant and noteworthy aspect in constructing enterprises agreem

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Discover culture not related to mine Little Italy Essay

Discover culture not related to mine Little Italy - Essay ExampleWhen I arrived to San Diego last Thursday afternoon round 3 pm. I dropped my stuff at Sheraton hotel near to San Diego airport where about three minutes onward from Little Italy. Then when I arrived to Little Italy, I took pictures of Indiana street where the big sign represents the promise of community as Little Italy underlined by San Diego. I noticed the are buildings where hanging the Italy flight to incur tourisms to their community. There are painted colorful artistic creation of different shape and draw on the bulwark on Nelson photo supplies shop. While I walking around, I was fascinated by fountain where has in the middle round statue carry the anthropomorphic hemisphere. However, to investigate more about Italian community, I descend to interview old female who was walking at street with her husband. I got the lady attention when I asked her if wither she is Italian origin. She stared at me in astonish ed directed asking me what was regard to. I explained to her that I would wish to know details from original people. Nevertheless, ladys name is Anna and she was at the age of 3 when she immigrates to the U.S with her family in order to lay out the fishing business. Italian families build up their community and business fifteen years ago which was ground on tuna industry. Nowadays, Italian business has been declined and the tuna trade has been owned by some families business. horizontal though the Italian community changed their traditional buildings, you can still taste the culture of Italy by the art galleries on some walls, and having pizza.I went to a boutique for custom made accessories, the decoration of the boutique is look like a small house with outside balcony allow customers to be seated on chairs and remove what designed they wish to manufacture their accessory. I went to Mona Lisa Italian Restaurant which located at 2016 Indiana street, San Diego. The eating hous e offered very wide selection of

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Ethics Case Study Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Ethics teddy Study - Research Paper ExampleFor instance, they should neither be forced nor be subjected to undue influences. In this case, the chelas mother was not informed (by day veneration center) of any mistreatment / ill-treatment / cast off regarding her beloved child hence, the principle of autonomy has been violated. The case comes under child abuse so it should be telled to concerned authorities that would ban the license / registration of that center to avert any notwithstanding fatalities, thereby saving infants / children. 1.2 - Principle of Non-maleficence The next principle in bioethics is known as non-maleficence that focuses on the least(prenominal)(prenominal) harm to patients (intentionally). For instance, it should be pointed out that certain measures have to be taken that reduces the chance of harm to patients. In addition, the non-maleficence principle also overlaps with due care theory that endorses the idea of care to patients through use of preventati ve measures. In this particular case of a child, the day care center certainly neither ensured least harm to the 8-month old nor cooperated with the mother by explaining the condition of her child. Therefore, the principle of non- maleficence is violated since maximum care was not provided to child during absence of her mother. 1.3 - Principle of Beneficence The third ethical principle is known as beneficence that refers to choosing the best option so that greatest good could be done for patients and possibility of sinister could be minimized. In this particular case, the best option for day care personnel was to communicate and full inform childs mother about the crying, unusual behavior and physical condition of her child so that she could take any immediate measures for rectification. Similarly, the best option for physician was to persuade mother to report the case before court of law instead of satisfying himself that it was not child abuse so it should not be reported. In thi s way, the principle of beneficence had been violated by the two parties and the childs mother secures right to report and request for punishment to culprits followed by payment of damages (x-ray expenses, physicians fees etc.). 1.4 - Principle of Justice Another most important principle of bioethics is the justice ethical principle that states that the decision-makers should require alternatives and make decisions that are fair and that could be justified for all those associated with that case or dilemma. In unreserved words, the decisions should comply with different ethical approaches. Also, the just and ethical decisions avert the possibility of unrest in the ships company because the guilty is punished and innocents are protected. In this case, the actual loser in this case is the childs mother whose trust factor on day care center personnel was affected as well as she had to rush her injured child to hospital, thereby facing emotional and financial issues. Hence, it should be argued in the light of justice approach that the decision should be reported so that the performance of child care centers could be monitored (Hyden, 1999). For instance, the physicians should also be

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Global Study Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Global Study - Assignment characterAccording to the article The Chinese Century by Joseph E. Stigitz, China overtook the US as the largest Economy of the world. The source states that it is a wakeup call that came as a surprise for the US. Is it true that China is the words largest economy as of now, and what are the future expectations? China enters the year 2015 as the worlds largest economy (Stiglitz). Latest watchword show that China has truly become the worlds leading economy and the US is add up 2 after 142 years (Since 1872). The economy of the Chinese is worth(predicate)y $17.6 gazillion while that of the US is worth $17.4 trillion. Chinas economy will still grow further IMF estimates it to be 27 trillion in 2019.The New York Times article Chinas Economic Empire by Heriberto and Juan the States and Europe has become uncomfortable with Chinas rise economically. Is it true that China is taking over American and European companies? What is evident is that China has bought large companies of the west such as the American porc producer, Smithfield Foods and Club Med (HERIBERTO and JUAN). According to BBC news, Chinese companies have 2 ways in which they expand overseas organically through scaling their processes, or organically acquisition of foreign

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PPM-PRINCE2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

PPM-PRINCE2 - Essay Exampleect Brief Project Name Date absolve Draft/Final Author Owner Client roll Number Purpose The main shoot for of this Project Brief is to provide detailed explanation of the various elements of the implementation of the Customer Relationship passage within Huanghe Technology. Project Definition Huanghe Technology currently requires a envision which can help settlement the issues within the comp each. Here a Customer Relationship Management redact is being proposed to meet the need of the company. This project aims at integrating three main elements of the business, i.e. the Customer run on, Sales team and Technical Team. push details of the project are presented below. Project Objectives The main objectives of the project are as listed below a) victimisation of an Enterprise Team to meet the needs of the business clients b) Development of a ticker Technical Team to meet the technical needs of both business clients as well as the SOHO customers c) D evelopment of the Core Sales team which willing deal with the details of sales as well as the pecuniary aspects of all customers d) Development of Customer Service Team to face customers and provide the necessary customer hurt e) Development of a central database to hold complete records of all the sales made via all the channels. This will include both retail as well as the direct channels. f) Finally, to implement an Information brass and to integrate the four function groups, i.e. enterprise team, core sales, core technical team and the customer support teams. Project Scope The project has a limited scope and it caters to the European markets. The system will be implemented in the Huanghe UK office. Constraints and Assumptions There are two main assumptions and constraints in this project. Firstly, it is faux that all the sales information from the retailers can be got and integrated to the information system on a daily basis. Secondly, it is assumed that the company will b e willing to invest in the technical development of the information systems. compend Business Case Huanghe Technologyhas being receiving a number of complaints from the customers relating issues relating to the equipments not working from SOHO customers and also a number of calls being lost between the call centre and the sales teams. Also the SOHO customers have go about lack of technical support from the company. The company is currently being run in three erupt parts which are each managed by different people and all act independently as separate units and with different operations culture. The main issue of the business clearly is a lack of consolidation among the three parts of the business. Here due to the lack of integration, the impact has been on the customers and the service provided to the customers. CRM Systems Project entry Project Name Date Release Draft/Final Author Owner Client Document Number Purpose The Project Initiation document provides a clear view of the direction of the project as well as a clear view of the roles of the various individuals in the project. This helps in develop a strong and firm foundation for the proposal before the company can make any further commitments on the project. It also helps provide the users and interested parties with a clear and detailed view of what the project is about and also how the project will be managed.

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The Merchant of Venice Essay Example for Free

The Merchant of Venice EssayOne of the most interchange issues in The Merchant of Venice is that of the antagonism between the Jews and the Christians. The unconscious, inborn dislike of cultures which jeopardise our path of spirit.Ever since large number swallow left their homelands to settle in other places there has been conflict between different cultures. So, in the play, Antonio, Bassanio, Gratiano and many more of the Christians feel resentment towards cashlender the extraterrestrial being. This is partly because of the trap that he has led Antonio into and partly because he is different. This seemingly un billhooked for dislike is shown particularly by loan shark who commentsI hate him for he is a Christian(act 1, purview 3, line 38.)and hence later on, in the trial nip itself, when asked to explain his actions he statesI exhibit no reason, nor I ordain non, more than a lodgd hate and a current loa involvement, I bear Antonio(act 4, scene 1, lines 59-61.)T his speech shows how even moneylender himself whoremongernot explain his deep-rooted hatred of Antonio (the Christian).The arctic of feuds between cultures, are the gravels which are made between people of the same beliefs and habits. This is shown at the beginning of the be progress to in the form of a conversation between the Duke and Antonio, both of whom are Christian. In this conversation the Duke reveals his feelings on the matter.I am sorry for thee thou art come to answer to a stony adversary, an cruelwretch uncapable of pity, void and empty from any dram of mercy.(act 4, scene 1, lines 3-6.)However, Antonio seems to have no hope, and accepts the justness without complaint. This break view of Antonio portrays his temperament throughout the whole scene, right up until the really end when he is released from the black-market bond. Shortly after this conversation ends Shylock enters.The Duke appeals to Shylock to have mercy upon Antonio, only if Shylock is persistent and sticks with his original decision and intention. Shylock informs the Duke close what will happen if he denies him the due and forfeit of his bond. The matter of denying the bond would be something that Antonio himself talked or so earlier in the playThe Duke cannot deny the course of law for the trade good that strangers have with us in Venice, if it be denied, will much impeach the justice of the state, since that the trade and earnings of the city consisteth of all nations.(act 3, scene 3, lines 26-31.)This means that if the course of law is not permitted, then foreigners will mind the integrity and fairness of Venetian justice, which would be fateful for Venice, as the citys wealth depends upon international trade. Venice will also lose its reputation as the centre of international trade if the Duke does not grant Shylock his bond. notwithstanding again, Antonio does not try to excuse himself from the bond, but reminds his tremblers that they are dealing with a Jew, and of how they will not be able to shift his Jewish Heart. Bassanio proposes to re be Shylock with twice the amount agreed in the bond but, yet again, Shylock is unmoved in his decision. The Duke right away realises that there is no way that he can legally save his friends life, but, he states that upon his power he may dismiss the court unless Bellario, a renowned lawyer whom he has called to the courtto ask him of his opinion, can attend the hearing. Bassanio sees this as a possibility that his friend may live, but Antonio is not optimistic and saysI am a tainted wether of the flock, meetest for stopping point the weakest kind-hearted of fruit drops earliest to the ground and so let me. You cannot be better employd, Bassanio, than to live still, and write exploit epitaph.(act 4, scene 1, lines 114-118.)He almost feels that he deserves to die, and asks Bassanio to carry on with his own life and write his memoirs for him. The lawyers clerk, who is Nerissa robed as a man, arri ves with a earn from Bellario. The Duke reads the letter and in the meantime Shylock sharpens his knife on the sole of his shoe. Bassanio is upset by this and asks him Why dost thou wet thy knife so earnestly?, and Shylock replies that he intends to take what is rightfully his. At this, Gratiano, who until now has been silent, launches a verbal attack on Shylock, objective him of having the soul of a man-killing wolf. However, as before, Shylock is unscathed by these insults, and reminds Gratiano that he is only here to persist in the law.After reading the letter the Duke informs the court that Bellario has been taken ill and therefore cannot attend the hearing, but that he has sent a young lawyer in his place, whom he has informed with the details of the case. This lawyer of which the letter speaks is called Balthazar, but when Balthazar enters it becomes apparent to the audience that the lawyer is in fact Portia in disguise. The characters in the play, however, do not know this .Portia attempts to persuade Shylock to have mercy but is unsuccessful. Finally, she agrees that it is lawful that Shylock shall have his bond. Shylock, who is gratify with this head, compares Portia to Daniel who, in the Apocrypha, was instructed by God to give a verdict against two elders who had tried to rape the celibate lady Susanna. Portia proceeds to gain Shylocks respect by reminding the court that Antonio must pay the bond with A pound of flesh, to be by him cut off nearest the merchants heart.Portia asks Shylock whether he has the scales ready to confer the pound of flesh, to which he replies I have them ready. Portia then feels that she may have found a way to save Antonios life, she asks ShylockHave by some surgeon, Shylock, on your charge, to stop his wounds, lest he do move to death.(act 4, scene 1, lines 255-256.)Yet Shylock reminds her that it says nothing about a surgeon in the bond, so her financial statement is void. Portia accepts this, she then turns to An tonio to ask him if he has anything to say. Antonio speaks to Bassanio to try and console him, concluding with a wry joke about the matterIf the Jew do cut but deep enough, Ill pay it (the debt) instantly with all my heart.(act 4, scene 1, lines 278-279.)Bassanio then comments that he would give up his wife if it would save Antonio, and then Gratiano says that he wishes that his wife were in heaven so that she could stop the proceedings by some divine interception. These comments fracture the tension that has strengthened in the court because, unknown to Bassanio and Gratiano, their wives are there in the court with them. Portia emphasises the irony in this progress by sayingYour wife would give you little thanks for that, if she were by to hear you make the gap.(act 4, scene, 1 lines 286-287.)Portia gives permission for Shylock to take his bond, but just as he is preparing to do so she finds a weak link in the bondTarry a little there is something else. This bond doth give thee here nojot of blood.(act 4, scene 1, lines 303-304.)Meaning that Shylock is entitled to his pound of flesh but not to any of Antonios blood. She then explains that if Shylock does shed one drop of Christian blood then he will have his lands and goods confiscated by the state of Venice. At this decree Gratiano is overjoyed as he can see a way out for his friend. He mocks Shylock by repeating the very praises that Shylock himself had delivered to Portia. The likening of Portia to Daniel is now more fitting because like Portia, Daniel was not anticipated in the court, and the judgement that he gave freed Susanna and condemned her accusers. Shylock is shocked by Portias words, but he is not defeated, he offers to accept ternion the original amount, which was offered to him earlierI take this offer then pay the bond thrice, and let the Christian go.(act 4, scene 1, lines 316-317.)Bassanio is about to hand over the silver when Portia intervenes again. She states that Shylock shall have only his justice, so she instructs him to assemble to cut the pound of flesh, but she warns him, if he should cut any more or less than a pound, even in the estimation of a hair then he shall lose all that he owns. Gratiano jeers at Shylock even further, and yet again Shylock asks for the money, but Portia reminds us that Shylock had refused the money earlier, so now, he shall have merely justice, and his bond. At this, Shylock attempts to expire the court, yet Portia calls him back stating the law hath yet another hold on you.This hold is yet another law of Venice, which states that any alien or foreigner who attempts to take the life of a Venetian shall have all of their possessions confiscated, one half(a) of which shall go to the endangered Venetian, Antonio, and the other half shall go to the privy coffer of the state. This law also states that the life of the alien shall be in the hands of the Duke, and Portia advises Shylock to get down onto his knees and beg mercy of the Duke.The Duke spares Shylocks life, and Antonio, who is now entitled to half of Shylocks wealth, is asked what mercy he can render him? Antonio, despite Gratianos petition, shows his generosity. He offers to take the money on loan, keeping it in confidence for Lorenzo, a Christian who recently ran away with Shylocks daughter, Jessica. However, Antonio puts two conditions on his offer, firstly, that Shylock must become a Christian and, secondly, that he must make a will leaving all that he owns to Jessica and Lorenzo. In doing this, Antonio has struck theultimate blow, forcing Shylock to become what he hates and to see his wealth to someone who has already robbed him of a lot of money and stolen his daughter. Shylock sees that he has been cornered, and asks permission to leave the court. He agrees to conform with Antonios conditions sayingSend the deed after me, and I will sign it.(act 4, scene 1, lines 394-395.)In agreeing to these conditions Shylock has lost his chance for revenge upon the Christians and has had their revenge cast upon himself. Gratiano now makes his feelings apparent, and he declares to ShylockIn Christening shalt thou have two god-fathers Had I been judge, thou shouldst have had ten more, to aim thee to the gallows, not to the font.(act 4, scene 1, lines 396-398.)This shows that Gratiano feels that Shylock should have been hanged for, in Christianity, when a child is baptised, two god-fathers are plant to see that the child is properly educated in the Christian faith. However, at the time, god-fathers, was also a nick-name for the members of a jury, a body of twelve men, who would have been needed to pass sentence on Shylock. Gratiano suggests that there should have been ten more god-fathers in order to make up a jury, who he feels would have condemned Shylock to death.This statement by Gratiano has a double meaning, firstly, that he feels Shylock should have been punished by death and, secondly, that he will be baptised into the Christi an faith.The Duke, yet again showing his liking of Antonio, invites Portia to have dinner at his home with him, but Portia declines his offer because she must away this night to Padua.The only thing left to do now is for Bassanio, Antonio and Gratiano to pay the lawyer for his services. Bassanio offers the three thousand ducats which would have been used to pay Shylock, yet Portia refuses payment declaringHe is well paid that is well satisfied, and I, delivering you, am satisfied, and therein do account myself well paid.(act 4, scene 1, lines 413-415.)Suddenly though, the lawyer catches sight of the ring on Bassanios finger, the very ring which Portia gave him at their wedding. She asks for the ring as payment. Bassanio remembers that Portia had told him never to detach himself from the ring for any reason, and, recollecting this, he refuses. Antonio pleads with Bassanio for him to give the ring, and Bassanio, who almost brought about the death of his friend, does not refuse his com panions wish. He then sends Gratiano after the lawyer in order to offer Portia the ring.

Indentured Servants in the Chesapeake Colonies Essay Example for Free

Indentured Servants in the Chesapeake Colonies EssayThe life of the bandaged servant was at best hazardous and full of pitfalls. There was non one sole calculate that would determine the life success or failure of this class of people, but a instead it was resolved be a series of random qualities and assures. For example, as we will see with John Harrower, hands who were dig outious and educated had a much better chance of surviving being indentured than a human beings who was weak in health or had no formal education. As we will see with Elizabeth Sprigs, women were toughened with little or no respect, and they were generally subjugated to a hard and grueling service. Status, education, gender, and health were anchor factors in how lucrative the life of the indentured servant would be, but these would only come in to exercise if you made it across the sea in a grueling s so far to eight week journey. pop offlihood as an indentured servant was hard, but so was life in a poverty taken with(p) Europe. Europeans from all over the continent were starving and looking for food.Family men were looking for ways to provide for their family and to escape valve an oppressive government that provided little in the answers for the common man and woman. The prospect of being indentured was sell to the people as a utopia to remove themselves from their present misery and hardships. Indentured servant hood had despotic attributes for twain the government and the common man. For the government, an overstressed system was seeing relief as thousands of people sold themselves into labor in the new colonies.For the people, the promise of a new and better life was presented to them in exchange for a couple of years of service. However, was this labor arraignment truly beneficial to the poor emigrants who indentured themselves to the ship captains for passage to the States? The question is an important one, but it is one that doesnt need to be asked if the pers on never rattling makes it to America. Gollich Mitttelberger noned in a letter to his father the deplorable conditions that accompanied his trip to America.Mittelberger states, But even with the best wind the voyage lasts 7 weeks. On board there is terrible misery, stench, fumes, horror, vomiting, many kinds of sea barfness, fever, dysentery, headaches, heat, constipation, boils, scurvy, cancer, mouth-rot, and the like which comes from the spoiled food and foul water that they are forced to consume (Document 6, page 18). Mittelberger went on to say that he missed his poverty stricken home and wished to return. He talked about how the ships were so overcrowded, that live squirtren were thrown overboard when their mother would die.He recanted once that, One day a women who was about to kick down birth and could not give birth under the circumstances, was pushed through a port hole in the ship and was dropped to the sea, because she was far in the rear of the ship and could no t be brought forward (Document 6, page 19). The letter was ended by telling his father that the horrors of the trip did not end once they arrived in America. Those who could not pay for their passage were held to be sold. They were not allowed off the ship until they had been purchased and could be escorted by the purchaser.Mittelberger noted that the sick suffered the most because they were chosen last, after the healthy ones had been purchased. Once an indentured servant arrived and had been purchased, there life rarely improved. In a letter from Elizabeth Sprigs to her father, she begs for him to forgive her and to send her clothes. She explains that her life is hard and that she is worked hard day and night. When they complain, they are whipped. She tells her father that their diet in is restricted to Indian corn and salt.Elizabeth begs her father, We are almost naked, neither position nor a stocking to wear, and what rest we get is a blanket and some ground to lie upon (Docu ment 5, page 17). She goes on to plead for forgiveness from her father, and for him to send her some relief. This is in contrast to the story of John Harrower. John Harrower is both educated and seems to have a variety of connections. John uses his education to acquire work as a school outstrip for a private family. His journal entries are of a more common experience of looking for work. Harrower came in search of becoming a loudness keeper.His journal follows him until he is offered the position as a school master, and he is encouraged to accept it because it is with a private family. His experience is very diametrical and could go a long way in supporting the outrageous claims of George Alsop. George Alsop, in a book published in the Americas regaled would be indentured servants with tales of how wonderful their experience would be. He stated, Now those that commit themselves to the business organisation of the Merchant to carry them over, they need not trouble themselves wit h any inquisitive search touching their voyage for there is such honest care and provision made (Document 6, page 6).This is a drastic diametrical statement than Mittelberger made about the horrible conditions caused by overcrowding and the consumption of rotten food and foul water. Alsop goes on to say, The women that go over into this Province as Servants, have the best luck here as in any place of the world for they are no sooner on shore, but they are courted into a Copulative Matrimony, for some of them (Document 6, page 7). This again contrasts greatly with Mittelberger who wrote about the women who were being thrown overboard because they were having complications with child birth.This also contrasts with Elizabeth Sprigs who wrote about being whipped for complaining, and given nothing to eat but Indian corn and salt. Alsop was manifestly using false claims to help ensure that the cheap labor would flow steadily into the American Colonies. In July of 1640, there is an acco unt of some indentured servants that are caught trying plot their escape. The courts decided that this was dangerous grounds, the men were whipped severely, and had the letter R burned into the side of their face.They suffered other abuses before being given back to the master (Document 8, page 23). The life of the indentured servant was hard, and did little good to better the life the people involved. The conditions in which many were forced to work in were sub-human, and they were generally treated no better than animals. While there were no doubt a select few that profited from this, on the average this labor arrangement did not benefit the poor emigrants who came over from Europe looking for a better life.

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Modern Auditing Essay Example for Free

Modern Auditing adjudicate(Components of internal control) The chapter identified five components of internal control. Listed below are specific control policies and procedures prescribed by Suntron Company.1. Management gives careful consideration to the requisite knowledge and skills personnel need at all levels of the organization. manipulate environment. Planning, executing, controlling, and monitoring and entitys activity is what is physical exertiond to develop an overall framework for an entity to meet its objectives.2. General controls and practise controls are established in the electronic info processing department. moderate activities, IT should be independent and should non correct data submitted by user departments.3. Management acts to reduce or eliminate incentives and temptations that might exceed individuals to engage in dishonest or illegal acts. Control environment. Management leads by example, by demonstrating righteousness and ethical behavior.4. Ma nagement is alert to complaints received from customers about billing errors. Monitoring. Management may receive straighten out evaluations, such as from bank examiners.5. Management gives special consideration to the risks that can arise from the use of entropy technology in the accounting system. Risk assessment. Management should consider the risk of spoof and the financial consequences that fraud presents.6. Employees responsibilities are assigned so as to avoid any individuals being in a position to both commit an error or irregularity and then conceal it. Control activiites. Inventory records should periodically be compared with inventory on hand.7. IT management has designed controls to prevent unauthorized use of IT equipment, data files, and computer programs. Control activities. Controlsthat are designed to provide reasonable assurance that the recording, processing, and reporting of data by IT are properly performed for specific applications.8. The processing of payrol l includes a check on the nitty-gritty number of hours submitted. If more than 65 hours are reported in a weekly pay period, the performance is printed on an exception report and put in a suspense file for additional reexamine or additional authorization. Control activities. Computer routines that is in place to detect incomplete, incorrect, or unreasonable data.9. Suntrons internal audit staff periodically assesses the effectiveness of various ICS components. Monitoring. Reporting deficiencies to audit committee or full board of directors. 10. Policy manuals, accounting and financial reporting manuals, and a chart of accounts. Information and communication. Providing an arrest of individual roles and responsibilities in regards to internal control over financial reporting. have been developed and implemented.Requireda. depict the components of internal control to which each policy or procedure relates. b. For each item, identify one other(a) policy or procedure for that intern al control component that is not on the preceding list.

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School Shooting Involving a 6 Year Old Boy Essay Example for Free

School Shooting Involving a 6 Year Old Boy EssayA 6 year old son brought a gun to school and shot and killed a fellow classmate. The police conducted a search of the boys home and strand another stolen gun (12 gauge shot gun) and illegal drugs in the willpower of the boys 19 year old familiar, who was charged with involuntary man slaughter. The most possible situations that could have led this boy to commit such a violent crime would be guided participation, emotional regulation, and reactive aggression. Michigan state law says that any children under the age of heptad are not considered criminally responsible for their actions. The charges for this crime were filed against the 19 year old brother who was found in possession of stolen guns and illegal drugs.As children develop over time their greatest influences are their parents and their peers. Kathleen Berger (2011), source of The Developing Person Through the Life Span, defines guided participation as, the process b y which people develop from others who guide their experiences and explorations (p.241). Parents will set the standard for what children will view as the carriage life should be lived. Sadly, in this particular circumstance the 6 year old boys two manlike role models both reside in jail for gun-related charges.This child may have been exposed to nine-fold different kinds of behavior involving gun power. Behavior such as this would send a message to the child, this is the way you dismount what you want in life. However if this child were raised in a Christian home, this pip may have been prevented. In Proverbs 226 (NKJV) it says Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.Another circumstance that may have led to this violent crime happening ispoorly demonstrable emotional regulation. worked up regulation is defined by Berger (2011) as, the ability to control when and how emotions are expressed (p.265). In child increment emotional regulation is developed from the ages of 2 to 6. If this 6 year old boy suffers from poorly developed emotional regulation, this could have led to his nip of a classmate. If a child is never made to fancy that there are consequences to their actions, then they will never be able to determine how far is likewise far.As children our sin temper is for us to get upset and angry when we dont get what we want, or when things dont go our way. Resulting in a fit or temper fit being thrown that may involve violent behavior. Reaction aggression is defined by Berger (2011) as, propensity retaliation for another persons intentional or accidental action, verbal or somatogenic (p.279). The goal behind this behavior is to get their way or get what they want. In the process who or what they may hurt in the process is of no concern to them. This type of behavior is our sin nature that we are born with, if not corrected further violent behavior patterns such as the shooting of a classmate may occur.In closing, the 6 year old boy who earlier that twenty-four hours shot a classmate could have been affected by guided participation, emotional regulation, and reactive aggression. direct participation may have played the role of this 6 year old boy discover conflicts being resolved via gun violence by the role models in his home. If such behavior was ascertained this 6 year old boy may not have developed emotional regulation, if he were to develop emotional regulation it may have prevented this crime from ever happening. Reaction aggression may have also played a key role leading up to this crime.If gun violence was theatrical roled in the home, it is only natural for this 6 year old boy to also use gun violence. Michigan state law believes children under the age of seven are presumed to lack tariff are not considered criminally responsible for their actions. Since the police found the 19 year old brother in possession of stolen weapons he was charged with involuntary ma nslaughter for the shooting. The police viewed the 6 year old boy as a product of his surroundings and in no way could he fully generalize theextent of his actions earlier that day.ReferencesBerger, K. (2011). The Developing Person Through the Life Span (8th ed., p. 241,265,279). New York Worth.

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Internet Cafes Essay Example for Free

Internet Cafes EssayWITHIN a few months China ordain overtake the St takes as the country with the worlds largest number of internet users. Even when you factor in (include s/t as a relevant element when making a decision) Chinas size and its astonishing rate of GDP growth, this will be a remarkable achievement for what remains a poor economy. For the past three long time China has also been the worlds largest exporter of information and communications technology (ICT). It already has the same number of mobile-ph unrivaled users (500m) as the integral of Europe. China is by no means the only emerging economy in which new technology is being eagerly embraced. In frenetic (fast and energetic) Mumbai, everyone seems to be jabbering (talk rapidly and excitedly) non-stop on their mobile phones fit to Indias telecoms regulator, half of all urban dwellers put on mobile- or fixed-telephone subscriptions and the number is growing by 8m a month. The India of internet cafs and intern et tycoons produces more engineering graduates than America, makes software for racing cars and jet engines and is one of the top quadruplet pharmaceutical producers in the world. In a different manifestation of technological progress, the countrys largest private enterprise, Tata, recently expose the one lakh car priced at the equivalent of $2,500, it is the worlds cheapest.Meanwhile, in Africa, people who live in bog down huts use mobile phones to pay bills or to check fish prices and find the best market for their catch. withal this picture of emerging-market technarcadia (ideal techno paradise) is belied (fail to give a true notion) by parallel accounts of misery and incompetence. Last year ants ate the hard drive of a photographer in Thailand. Last week internet usage from capital of Egypt to Kolkata was disrupted after somethingprobably an earthquakesliced through two undersea cables. Personal computers declare spread slowly in most emerging economies three-quarters of lo w-income countries have fewer than 15 PCs per 1,000 peopleand many a(prenominal) of those computers are gathering dust (1). And the feting (celebration) of prominent technology projects in emerging economies is sometimes premature.Nicholas Negroponte, of the Massachusetts fetch of Technology, has long been championing a $100 laptop computer, presented with most fanfare at the World Economic assembly in Davos two years ago. The laptop was supposed to sweep through poor countries, scattering acquaintance and connectivity all around (2). But the project is behind schedule, the computer does not work properly and one prominent backer, Intel, achipmaker, has pulled out. So how well are emerging economies using new technology, really? Hitherto, judgments have had to be based largely on anecdotes. Now the World Bank has supplemented the snapshot evidence with more comprehensive measures.

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Industry analysis & competitor analysis Essay Example for Free

Industry analysis competitor analysis EssayAt present, the U. S. market is dominated by several major companies marketing weight loss products, such as NutriSystem, Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. All of these companies sell pre-packaged diet food and offer additional service, such as weigh loss advice and counseling. NutriSystem specializes in comprehensive monthly food packages with a 28-day supply of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts. Its primary markets be the United States and Canada.A peculiar feature of NutriSystem is that the company does not distri excepte its products to the retail network but relies on direct sales instead it sells its products through the Internet, telephone, and QVC, a television shopping network (Yahoo pay 2010). Jenny Craig mainly operates in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico and offers a range of entrees and snacks together with support in counseling at Jenny Craig Centers, over the phone, and online (Jenny Craig 2010).In 2006, it was acquired by Nestle, the largest food and drink company in the world. It also sells most of its product through direct sales. Weight Watchers is a global company that markets a wide variety of foods and snacks as well as online tools for weight loss. Its best known innovation is the blame system every food is assigned value in points, based on its calories, fat and fiber, which helps batch to mention track of how what they eat (Weight Watcher 2010). Weight Watchers sells its products though a variety of channels, including retail.However, it is necessary to keep in mind that the segment in which all of the aforementioned companies compete is food and beverage market, the sanction largest segment of the market for weigh loss products which is projected to overtake the devices, accessories and services segment, the largest at present, by 2014 (MarketsandMarkets 2009). Lifewave belongs to the devices, accessories and services segment here its direct competitor s are Dermathol, Hoodia, Bell Lifestyle Products, The Pink Patch and a human action of smaller companies.

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Planning Theory & Practice Essay Example for Free

Planning Theory Practice EssayThe foundation garment of a whole new type of familiarity, the virtual community, has done much to highlight the electromotive force for communities to form beyond the confines of geographical situation (Rheingold, 1993). Technological utopians have found community in cyberspace. Largely anecdotal evidence emphasizes the ability of computer networks to connect people crosswise time and space in strong supportive relationships, blindly extending beyond characteristics of ethnicity, religion or national origin.Guilty of plagiarismThe creation of a new community, which is called a virtual community, has admited people to live beyond geographic space. cyberspace is where technological people have found a sense of community. Computers can connect people across time and space no matter what their characteristics (Hampton, 2002). not Guilty of Plagiarism Keith Hampton (2002), has coined the term virtual community to refer to a place where people c an form social groups beyond the confines of geographic space (p. 228). This cyberspace provides a chance for individuals of varying races and religions to meet and interact via computer.Many technologically cover people now have a place to meet other without having to physically travel (Hampton, 2002). Not Guilty of Plagiarism. Computers have allowed for people to meet those of other nationalities and cultures worlds away from one another through the computer. The networking capabilities of computers allow for people to build social groups, or communities, in cyberspace rather than in person. An ocean or a mountain will no longer be able to keep these technologically catch pioneers apart (Hampton, 2002).

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Nature vs. Nurture Essay Example for Free

Nature vs. Nurture EssayHomo rideuality, Addictions and IntelligenceThere establish always been disputes on whether the decision to be homosexual or heterosexual was based on biological or surroundingsal factors. These disputes argon known as the Nature vs. Nurture argument. The two sides argue everywhere how sexual urge is chosen within a person. Based on fruitful organs, sex is easily contumacious at birth male or female. Gender, however is the sexual identity an individual homecomings on. It is possible for sex and sex to be different.For an example of nurture baby birdren who were both born with an injured or damaged reproductive organ, males usually cannister be raised success amply as females. In order to understand which factor is the deciding factor of a persons gender, both sides of the case must be fully evaluated. DNA studies which appear to prove that gender is a cistrontic trait. Researchers have analyzed the makeup of the valet de chambre promontory of homosexuals and heterosexuals seeking a connection between gender and the brains physiology.They found when studying the part of the brain checkly related to a persons sexual drive, that homosexuals had an enlarged hypothalamus, whereas heterosexuals had a normal one indicating a direct correlation between the brain and gender selections (AllPsych).In researching DNAs role in gender identity, some scientist have identified the gene that determines a persons sexual preference. Although there are bestrideing evidence of the existence of a gay gene, the opposition denies the existence (AllPsych). People in certify of the Nurture argument claim that is an individual conscious or subconscious decision as to his or her gender identify. While many claim that people may tick their sexual orientation, their brain, and not the otherwise way around are actually controlling them.A person DNA and brain physiology control sexual preference which may be associated in the amygdale of the li mbic system (Pscyhsmart). When scientist cast scum baged the rats, stopping the excogitation of androgen, the male rats became submissive. When the androgen was given to the female rats, they began to display masculine behaviors. This experiment resulted in the male rat being submissive and allowing the female rat tomount the male, unlike the normal male rat that would mount the female when engaging in reproduction ( Lippa 102).Similar to humans, if male do not have kosher balance of hormones with his body, he may show feminine traits. These hormones are a biological aspect of gender that affects the decision to be homosexual or heterosexual. On the other hand, for the purpose of this discussion, addiction can take many forms, including not only substance use disorders, but also pathologic gambling, bulimia, and a force of other disorders. Dependency, abuse, and addiction are used relatively interchangeably however, there is ongoing debate within the field regarding the best term inology.Furthermore, differences in how these phenotypes are surrounded can have an impact on the results of gene discovery efforts. Genetic loci that have been consistently associated with various forms of substance addiction, as well as those that indicate relevance to pharmacologic treatment. While the nature vs. nurture debate has raged, is the share of interactions between genetics and environment. In reality, gene expression is environment dependent and it impossible to obtain pure estimates of genetic vs. environmental contribution one could not exist with away the other.The environment a child experiences is partly a consequence of the childs genes as well as external factors. To some extent a person seeks out and take a leaks his or her environment. If she is of a mechanical bent she practices mechanical skills if a bookworm, she seeks out books. Thus genes may create an appetite rather than an aptitude. Remember that the high heritability of defraud-sightedness is acc ounted for not just by the heritability of a gene for short sightedness but by the heritability of literate habits.Conversely, on the discussion of intelligence, there are three facts nearly the transmission of intelligence that virtually everyone seems to accept 1. Both heredity and environment contribute to intelligence. 2. Heredity and environment interact in various ways.3. Extremely poor as well as highly enriched environments can interfere with the realization of a persons intelligence, regardless of the persons heredity (Sternberg Grigorenko, 1997, p.xi). Intelligence that appears to relate to ability to reason abstractly, to tally and to adapt. In closing, homosexuality, addictions and intelligence have reliablestatistical relationships with important social phenomena, but they are a limited tool for deciding what to make of any given individual. As stated by Ridley, scram Nature has plainly not entrusted our genetic capacities to the blind fate of a gene or genes she ga ve us parents, learning, language, culture and education to program ourselves with.WORKS CITEDJohnson, Ryan D. AllPsych (2005). Homosexuality Nature or Nurture. Ridley, M. (1999). Genome The autobiography of a species in 23 chapters. London Fourth Estate Ltd. Sternberg, R. J., Grigorenko, E. (Eds.) (1997). Intelligence, heredity, and environment. Cambridge, UK Cambridge University Press.

Speech Presentation Essay Example for Free

Speech monstrance EssayImagine your home wherein you atomic number 18 controlled by your own IPod. Imagine a classroom that you are controlled by your laptop computer. Imagine a piece of assteen that you are controlled by the vending machine. Indeed, this is a scary vivid picture that we toilet paint in our mind when the topic of engine room and its advancement is on the focus. The popularity of acquaintance fiction stories and movies had helped in the formation of irrational fears on the advancement of engineering. Science fiction films such(prenominal) as the Matrix and the Terminator had convinced us that the technology that we created which is supposed to be our slave is the virtuoso who enslave us. In this presentation, I am going to try to erase these irrational fears in your heads by citing and analyzing real world facts, findings and researches on the topic of technology and its advancement. Primarily, it is authoritative to define what technology is. Simply said, t echnology is any tool or method that is created by man to help and assist him in his cursory work to correct his or her behavior easier. This kind of definition is so encompassing that it can ilk to accommodate the early advancement of man including the uncovering of fire up to our current advancements in put perception and componenttics.These advancements of technology with the incredibly fast phase that it has today are those that are feared by many an(prenominal) that can enslave the mercifulness that created it. The question is simple? Is this fear rational or not? It is important to note that even its early days, the invention of technology itself was aimed to help humankind. I would argue that up to now, this is what is fluid happening. Technology even to its current status and prestige are still aimed to help and assist the humankind rather than dominate it. Take for example the field of robotics.Robots are aimed to perform jobs and works that are tipy and ha zardous in nature. This includes heavy construction works up to the defusing of bombs and charges which are definitely breakable and complicated. When these jobs are employed by human, a human life story is at stake at any second he or she is exposed on the work. With the help of robotic technology, we can perform the same task with the same efficiency without putting the life of a human in danger. Thanks to technology. Genetic technologies and medical exam science also perform the same function.Advancement in agenttic engineering and medical science had managed to provide its subjects an enhanced inner mechanism that can heal and resist diseases and anomalousities. Formally diseases and conditions that are beyond the control of human race are easily reached with the help of this technology. Again, thanks to technology. Advancement in artificial gentility also assists humankind in a very great deal. Former couples that are biologically restrain to bear child were given a ch ance to conceive an offspring.With the help of technologies developed today, a at once dead genetic line can be resurrected to continue its existence on the world. Thanks to technology. When examined in a realist and factual perspective, technologies that we have today still coincides with its original goal that was conceived even in our antediluvian years and that is to help mankind. The fear in technology and its overtake of the dominion in earth was invented and misinform by some people that it managed to brought a great deal of inconsistencies and danger to our living.No iodin can deny the benefits of technology and to deny the intake and development of technology will definitely deny the benefits of be human. From here, I am encouraging each one of my audience to be more(prenominal) vigilant in the ideas feed to us by the media especially on this topic. Let us examine each one of them in a framework that is unbiased and scientific for us to be able to shed light on a ri ght choice and decision. Thank you. With the rate that technology is constantly improving many questions the state of globe in the time to come when technology might possibly overtake human development.However, those who believe that the emerging is a place where humans will be enslaved by technology and man will no agelong be enjoying the liberties now enjoyed might be in for a surprise be coif technology is currently designed to assist humans and cleanse the human quality of life. Humans and technology are set to get going partners in the future because man created technology for his advancement and receipts, technology was designed to support human existence and technology was designed to meliorate life.The first programmable computer was invented in 1938 which was followed by the development of many other(a) types of computers through the years. (ComputerHope) For many, this was the beginning of technology but the fact remains that technology is the use of existing mater ials to improve or enhance the performance of a particular task. So based on this concept of technology, consequently such a concept existed as early as the time that man discovered the use of fire or when the Chinese first developed the wheel. Technology has been around for ages and for all of these instances its objective was to shamble the performance of a task easier.This means that the task performed is done by a human and the accompaniment of technology simply makes the task performed by the said human some(prenominal) is easier to do. Technology was never intend to replace humans because it is there to exist side by side with its creator to assist in and to enhance the performance of a task. On this premise, it is easy to gather evidence that in fact, in the future, humans and technology are set to become partners to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of many things from function to products, and to the more mundane conveniences in life.One proof that humans and technology are close likely to become mutual partners in the future is the fact that technology is created for the advancement or advantage of man. Robotics is one of the aspects of technology that proves this particular point. There are suppositions that the accelerating pace of technological change allows us to habitus machines like cyborgs (machine-enhanced humans like the Six Million Dollar Man), androids (human-robot hybrids like Data in thaumaturgist Trek) and other combinations beyond what we can even imagine. (Carnett) These innovations in robotics are set to blur the distinction amidst man and machine, making man perform in ways that are beyond what one can conceive.With robotics man will be able to raise a two hundred pound weight as easily as a forklift. Mike Harden once causerieed that, in robotics, I necessity to do it. Its because Im a magically different person in robotics. (2010) Such a comment simply shows how this kind of technology can improve even the way humans view themselves in the context of technology that man is empowered by technology and technology exists merely as a means of improving what man is able to normally do.Robotics is the best evidence that technology simply exists to make tasks easier for humans. This fact is validated by current situations where Robots already perform many dangerous functions, from making cars to defusing bombs or firing missiles. (Singer and Sagan) These tasks can be lethal to humans and with the purpose of keeping humans away from regretful situations, robots are utilized. Which brings the discussion to the second proof that in the future humans and technology are trap to become mutual partners the technological purpose of human life support.Technology is designed to support human existence which is why it cannot be perceived as something that will ultimately destroy and/or cause the extinction of the human race. Medicine is the field of science where technology ultimately plays a social occasion in supporting the existence of human life. For instance, Dr. Howard W. Jones Jr. , the surgeon, along with his wife, Dr. Georgeanna Seegar Jones, helped to create the first test tube babe born in the United States (Epstein) These scientists insist that human reproduction is not as efficient as it would first seem to be so technology needs to assist humans in the look of procreation. (Epstein)This basically shows the purpose of such a controversial technological advancement as in vitro bandaging is not to smite the laws of nature or to cause the extinction of the human race but on the contrary, to support such existence so that reproduction will be more efficient when compared to raw(a) reproduction which can be affected by other, more risky influences and may result to abnormal conception or childbirth.Even scientists who are involved in such questionable technological advances like cloning accept and concede to the belief that even these kinds of scientific procedures are intended for the betterment of future generations, hence, Dr. Margaret McLean (2010) asserts that, The question is not whether we ought to ban or applaud cloning but why would we choose to go forward and whether our choices bode well or ill for present and future children and our relationships with them. (Sterns)This basically shows how scientists themselves agree to the role of technology in terms of ensuring and supporting the existence of the human race. This particular belief is connected to how technology is able to improve and enhance the quality of life of human beings. From the ordinary toaster to the microwave oven to the more intricate capabilities of the newest models of cellular phones intended for mobile communication, the future of technology is quite clear to be a future where humans will most likely live better lives because of how innovations can make life easier and more convenient.However, these are merely the superficial and tangible representations of such a future other, more complex studies and more world-shattering innovations are on their way. One such innovation can be comprise in genetics. The most amazing developments in this field can be seen in the development of gene therapy and genetic engineering. Gene therapy has very real potential for enhancing human health (Adams) because it addresses the flaws in human genes and corrects these flaws thereby remedying whatever physical or physiological problems are ca utilise by that particular damaged gene.Considering this capability of gene therapy, then it is not strange if one day a diabetic is able to eat as much sugar as he/she wants to or a hypertensive is able to smoke as much as he/she wants. These effects are the perceived effects of gene therapy where the gene that causes the distemper or the ailment is corrected and reintroduced into the human body. Another implication of genetics is in agriculture where provender can be genetically engineered resulting in bigger tomato es, cholesterol-free swine, and eggs or nuts that do not have any allergensTherefore, Plant science and plant gene technology will be tiny activities of the nations response to many challenges it faces in the coming decades (AAS) These challenges include the resolution of hunger, the provision of better food alternatives, and the sustainability of food stores for all the people in the world. Obviously, as is illustrated in these examples, technology is set to make the lives of humans more convenient. The standard of living for humans will increase with technology taking school principal into the future.This particular aspect of technology is hard evidence that in the future, technology will be a partner of human beings in making the world a better place to live in. The fallacy of machines dominating humans in the future and the development of super-intelligences that will overtake human intelligence is, at this point, science fiction, because as circumstances show, technology is doing nothing nowadays but assisting humans and making life easier.The image of humans being chained by robots and made to do their bidding or used as fodder for their cogs and screws is an image that will hopefully remain in literature as the future of technology is bright in the context of how it can assist humans and improve and enhance human life. Partnership means having mutual benefit not merely focusing on the benefits of one caller and in the case of technology, the benefits are both ways.The future is when humans will get as much from technology as technology from humans because without humans, technology will remain static and will no longer move onward in development. Evidence shows that as technology moves further away from the discovery of fire and the modeling of the wheel humans are set to enjoy the future with technology as an indispensable partner.Recent advancements in various fields such as robotics, genetics, medicine, and other fields of science have showed th at technology will most likely be a partner to humans in the future because technology serves to make human life more convenient, it exists to support human existence, and it is designed to improve the human quality of life. Technology, while seemingly threatening to some, is in fact moving toward a breeding and productive partnership with the human race not far into the twentieth century.

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Reducing plagiarism Essay Example for Free

Reducing buccaneering EssayThe Council of Writing Program Administrators(2003) states that plagiarization is unmatchable of the most common issues seen in the colleges and universities. The school administration and teachers be concerned about this as it is affecting the students call on. The problem with plagiarism is not only circumscribed to the course work, but it started affecting the student publications, blogs, and research work according to the WPA council(2003). Every problem has a solution if tried to resolve, in the same way we can filter out to control this issue by implementing strict rules in schools and creating awareness among students about the importance of their testify ideas. Plagiarism is presenting others ideas or work as ones own. It is a form of cheating people by viewing someone elses effort as ones own by taking off their credit and ignoring them. To gather certain information students refer to mevery sources, but they should try to understan d the information and present it as understood along with citing the sources. Plagiarism is of three categories intentional plagiarism, unintentional plagiarism, and self-plagiarism.Intentional plagiarism is stating others idea or work as ones own without citing them. Unintentional plagiarism is ignoring or wrongly citing the small quotes or phrases taken from other sources. Self-plagiarism is submitting the same work for separate classes without actually doing them. The resources are there to utilize, but they are being mis functiond. A work assigned to student in their academics helps in improving their knowledge by spending time on it to light upon various topics and improve their cerebration and individual ability. However, the situation is that students tend to plagiarize the work without learning or putting in any effort to understand what they do. This is resulting in the loss of ability to think among them they are tending to father the work easier by write instead of l earning things. All these are resulting in reducing the standards in students so the school administrations should take action against this by, teaching students the importance of ones own originality, the need to learn things and implement strict rules against plagiarism.Controlling a problem is possible with small efforts, so does plagiarism. Teachers cannot solely propose a solution for this students also need to put in their effort to reduce this problem. There are a few solutions to this issueCitation can reduce plagiarism. Citing the sources from where data is retrieved, shows that the student has put in the effort to learn the topic, moreover, in thisway the credit for original author is given.Highlighting the small quotes or phrases taken from other sources and citing them would help is reducing plagiarism.The school authorities should implement strict rules against plagiarism and make students aware of it. Teachers can have discussions with students regarding their academi cs and help students to overcome their problems. Some students plagiarize as they have maintenance in them that they cannot do a perfect work on their own and some as they cannot pluck their time. Such students should speak to their teacher or adviser about how to overcome that fear and manage time, so that they can build their own ideas.Teachers should create awareness among students regarding the importance of developing ones own thinking capacity. They should make the student aware of what issues might arise by plagiarism so that they would not choose it.There are many tools available on the web to check for plagiarism, students can use them to avoid plagiarism and schools can use it to verify if it is the students original work.Lastly, students should try to develop their interest towards their academics, which would help in reducing plagiarism. Knowledge is something, which increases by working on it, rather than copying and displaying someone elses work as ones own. The stu dent should know the value of originality and try to improve it rather than ignoring it. Most importantly, credit is to be given for others work when using it in ones own work by citing, which helps in reducing plagiarism.

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How To Secure Routers And Switches Information Technology Essay

How To bulletproof Routers And Switches Information Technologarithmy quizYou reserve been approached by your manager give a talk on the Ne twork protective cover stock ISO 17799. Write a short precise detailing the purpose of this document and the main components within move 1 and 2 of the document. (http//www.17799central.com/iso17799.htm)Write a brief analysis detailing the possible threats and consequences for a union that does not bring an adequate warrantor Policy.Write a summary of how an Edge router cease be assembled into a firew whole include detail of how it can be personad to filter art. Describe the doing of CBACDetail the encryption techniques that atomic number 18 use upd in VPN systems and explain how/when they argon used.Describe how you can furbish up/harden routers and switchesRouter hardening, countersignature requirements, ssh, parser views, etcPort surety, vlan hopping, anti-snooping, private vlansMulti-choice Review Questions1.In which type o f invade does the potential interloper attempt to discover and map out systems, services, and vulnerabilities?stake outreconnaissancetappingsniffing2.Which type of attack prevents a exploiter from approach pathing the targeted burden legion?Reconnaissance attackDenial of service attackPrevention of pre displaceation attackDisruption of structure attack3.Which type of carry out does the ping sweep pose to an memorial tablet?eavesdroppingreconnaissancedenial of serviceunauthorized access4.An employee of ABC Comp either receives an e-mail from a co-worker with an attachment. The employee opens the attachment and receives a c either from the net profit executive a few proceeding later, stating that the employees machine has been attacked and is displace SMTP messages. Which category of attack is this? B)denial of servicetrojan horseport scanning discussion attacksocial engineering5.What is a major characteristic of a Worm? D) vicious softw be that copies itself into early (a) executable programstricks drug users into running the infected softw atomic number 18a set of computer instructions that lies dormant until triggered by a specific eventexploits vulnerabilities with the intent of propagating itself across a net income6.A abundant investment firm has been attacked by a worm. In which order should the web support team perform the travel to mitigate the attack? A)A. inoculationB. treatmentC. containmentD. quarantineC,A,D,BA,B,C,DA,C,B,DD,A,C,BC,B,A,D7.At XYZ Comp whatsoever, the indemnity for entanglement use requires that employees log in to a Windows domain controller when they power on their work computers. Although XYZ does not implement all possible security measures, outgoing affair is filtered victimisation a firewall. Which security model is the club utilise? D)open accessclosed accesshybrid accessRestrictive access8.Which one- troika of these be common causes of persistent vulnerabilities in networks? (Choose three.) cutting exploits in lively softw aremis pieced hardware or softwarepoor network designchanges in the transmission control communications protocol/IP protocolchanges in the core routers on the Internetend-user carelessness9.A new network administrator is assigned the task of conducting a guess assessment of the companys network. The administrator immediately conducts a pic assessment. Which important task should the administrator have accomplished setoff?threat recognitionsecurity level applicationpatch and update deploymentasset identificationperimeter security upgrade10.A company deployed a web innkeeper on the company DMZ to provide external web services. While reviewing firewall log files, the administrator discovered that a federation was make to the internal e-mail server from the web server in DMZ. After reviewing the e-mail server logs, the administrator discovered that an unauthorized describe was created. What type of attack was successfully carried out?phishingport redir ection assurance exploitationman-in-the-middle11.Users are unable to access a company server. The system logs show that the server is in operation(p) slowly because it is receiving a high level of fake requests for service. Which type of attack is slide byring?reconnaissanceaccess res publicaworms, viruses, and Trojan horses12.Which two are examples of Distributed Denial of Service attacks? (Choose two.) B) D)SYN FloodStacheldrahtPing of DeathSmurfWinNukeTarga.c13.Which two of these are examples of DDoS network attacks? (Choose two.) A) B)smurf attackTribal Flood Network (TFN)teardrop.cman-in-the-middle attackport redirectionsocial engineering14.Which two are technological flunkes that can lead to a br for each one in an validations security? (Choose two.) C) D)software compatibility impuissanceDHCP security weaknessTCP/IP protocol weakness run system weaknessLDAP weakness15.What is the effect of applying this moderate to a cisco router? E)router(config) no service fingerUNI X commands are disabled on the router.All TCP/IP services are disabled.PING usage is disabled.Users logged into the router remotely allow for not be able to see if other users are logged into the router16.A partial router configuration is shown in the brilliant. The network administrator adds the following(a) command at the router prompt.router(config) security watchwords min-length 10Which of the following is correct? A)The current parole provide continue to be used as a valid give-and-take until changed.No password is required.The current password is invalid and will not allow a login.A password that is at least ten characters long must immediately be implemented for a successful login.17.The security drift promotes a continuous process to retest and reapply updated security measures. What is the core or hub component of the Security Wheel? D)testing policymonitorimprovesecurity policy18.After providing for all operational requirements of the network, the network support team has pin downd that the servers should be hardened against security threats so that the network can ascertain at full potential. At which stage of the network life cycle does server hardening occur? E)planningdesignimplementationoperationoptimization19.A network administrator installs a new stateful firewall. Which type of security solution is this? doctor connectivitythreat defensepolicy enforcementtrust and identityassay-mark20.XYZ Company recently adopted software for installation on critical servers that will detect malicious attacks as they occur. In addition, the software will stop the execution of the attacks and send an alarm to the network administrator. Which applied science does this software utilize? phalanx-based intrusion detectionhost-based intrusion protectionhost-based intrusion preventionhost-based intrusion presentation21.A security team is charged with hardening network devices. What must be accomplished first earlier deciding how to configure security o n any device?Audit all pertinent network devices.Document all router configurations.Create or update security policies.Complete a vulnerability assessment.22.Which two objectives must a security policy accomplish? (Choose two.)provide a hold backlist for the installation of secure serversdescribe how the firewall must be assembledocument the re computer addresss to be protected distinguish the security objectives of the organizationidentify the specific tasks involved in hardening a router23.Which router command will result in the router only accepting passwords of 16 characters or more?service password-encryptionenable secret min-length 16security passwords min-length 16security passwords max-length 1624.Which command will encrypt all passwords in the router configuration file? D)enable secretpassword encrypt allenable password-encryptionservice password-encryptionno white-text password25.MD5 can be used for authenticating routing protocol updates for which three protocols? (Ch oose three.) B), D) E)RIPv1RIPv2IGRPEIGRPBGP26.Which configuration will allow an administrator to access the solace port using a password of password? B)router(config) key aux 0router(config- epithelial duct) loginrouter(config- decipher) password passwordrouter(config) line console 0router(config-line) loginrouter(config-line) password passwordrouter(config) line console 0router(config-line) password passwordrouter(config) line console 0router(config-line) accessrouter(config-line) password passwordrouter(config) line vty 0router(config-line) password passwordrouter(config) line vty 0router(config-line) accessrouter(config-line) password password27.Which command sets the inactivity timer, for a particular line or group of lines, to four minutes and fifteen seconds? Erouter(config) line-timeout 4 15router(config-line) line-timeout 4 15router(config-line) exec-timeout 255router(config-line) timeout 255router(config-line) exec-timeout 4 15router(config-line) line-timeout 25528.Whic h encryption type uses the MD5 hash algorithm? suit 0Type 1Type 5Type 729.Which privilege level has the most access to the Cisco IOS?level 0level 1level 7level 15level 16level 2030.Which algorithm implements stateful inter-group communication control through with(predicate) the PIX Security thingumajig?Network Address comment AlgorithmAccess Control Security AlgorithmAdaptive Security AlgorithmSpanning Tree protocol Algorithm31.The Cisco Security Device Manager (SDM) allows administrators to securely configure back up routers by using which security protocol in Microsoft Internet Explorer? B)IPSecSSLSSHL2TPPPTP32.A network administrator has received a Cisco PIX Security thingamajig from another division within the company. The existing configuration has IP addresses that will cause problems on the network. What command sequence will successfully clear all the existing IP addresses and configure a new IP address on ethernet0? B)pix1(config) clear ip allpix1(config) interface e thernet0pix1(config-if) ip address clear ippix1(config) interface ethernet0pix1(config-if) ip address no ip addresspix1(config) interface ethernet0pix1(config-if) ip address clear ippix1(config) interface ethernet0pix1(config-if) ip address network team is configuring a Cisco PIX Security Appliance for NAT so that local addresses are translated. The team is creating a global address pool using a subnet of network with a 27-bit mask. What is the befitting syntax to set up this global address pool? B)pix1(config) global ( at heart) 1 global ( outside(a)) 1 global (inside) 1 global (outside) 1 global (inside) 1 global (outside) 1 n etwork administrator has configured an access control list on the Cisco PIX Security Appliance that allows inside hosts to ping outside hosts for troubleshooting. Which correct command can be used to troubleshoot if pings between hosts are not successful?debug icmp inside outsidedebug pingdebug icmp tracedebug trace icmp35.Which protocol provides time synchronization?STPTSPNTPSMTPL2TP36.Which command would configure a PIX Security Appliance to send syslog messages from its inside interface to a syslog server with the IP address of Dpixfirewall(config) syslog inside logging inside syslog host inside logging host inside configuration in the graphic has been entered into a PIX Security Appliance with three interfaces. The interfaces are inside, outside, and DMZ. What source address range will the employment from inside devices use when they access devices in the DMZ? t o to to to to source IP address will the art from devices in the network have when they leave the trusted network? C) always192.168.0.9 always192.168.0.8 if ports are available, or if ports are exhausted192.168.0.9 if ports are available, or if ports are exhausted39.The commands in the graphic have been entered into a PIX Security Appliance. Which two statements are accurate descriptions of what will happen to outgoing traffic when it leaves the trusted network? (Choose two.) B) C)The source IP address will be from a pool of addresses in the to range.The source port will be a random port above port 1023.The source IP address will be for all outgoing traffic.The source port will be port 1024.The source IP address will be in the range to terface Ethernet3 on a PIX Security Appliance has been configured with three subinterfaces to pass tagged traffic from three different VLANs. What protocol will be used to tag the VLAN traffic?ISL802.1xVTP802.1q41.Which two commands will configure a static default route on the PIX Security Appliance in the network shown in the graphic? (Choose two.)route inside outside 1route outside 1ip route inside outside 0 0 1route outside 0 0 1ip route inside outside 0 0 1route outside 0 0 142.How are transactions between a rung leaf node and a RADIUS server authenticated?by using a shared secret which is never sent over the networkby hashing the secret using MD5 and then sending it over the networkby hashing the secret using MD4 and then sending it over the networkby using a clear-text password and then sending it over the network43.RADIUS uses which transport layer protocol? C)IPTCPUDPICMPDLC 44.Which certificate mode is susceptible to playback attacks? C)passwords using S/ observepasswords using token cardpasswords requiring periodical changepasswords using one-time password applied science45.Which enfranchisement method sends passwords over the network in clear text yet protects against eavesdropping and password cracking attacks? C)authentication with FTPauthentication with Telnetauthentication with S/KEYauthentication in POP3 e-mail46.After a security audit, network managers realized that the authentication method used by their telecommuting employees needed to be improved. They set up a server and installed client software on the employee laptops of their remote users. They also provided a device for each remote user that generated a password every time they needed to make a remote network connection. Which authentication technology does this process describe? B)authentication with S/KEYauthentication with token cardauthentication with encrypted passwordauthen tication with compressed password47.What function does a digital certificate offer to information security? C) surenessaccountingnonrepudiationintrusion prevention48.Bookline Inc., an online bookstore, recently installed a web server running Microsoft Windows 2003 Server. Where should the company obtain a digital signature for the web server in order to assure customers that they are connecting to Booklines server and not an impersonating web server?a digital signature generated by the CA in Microsofts corporate headquartersa digital signature generated by the CA from a trusted third partya digital signature generated by the CA from a government agencya digital signature generated by any CA that establishes a secure connection49.A large law firm wishes to secure dialup access to its corporate network for employees working at home. Since much of the information to be transmitted is highly confidential, the firm requires a high level of encryption and also prefers that each component of AAA be provided separately. Which security protocol best meets these requirements?TACACSXTACACSTACACS+RADIUS50.What are three reasons TACACS+ is preferent over RADIUS for authentication services? (Choose three.)RADIUS has limited name space for attributes.RADIUS is not an industry supported standard.TACACS+ encrypts the entire TACACS+ packet.TACACS+ authentication is included with more recent Windows Server versions.TACACS+ separates authentication and authorization.RADIUS uses TCP as a transport protocol creating additional overhead51.A static username/password authentication method is susceptible to which three types of attacks? (Choose three.)playbacktheftteardropsyn floodeavesdropping52.Company security policy requires the use of a centralized AAA server for network access authentication. Which two protocols are supported by the AAA server? (Choose two.) C) D)IPSecSSLRADIUSTACACS+SSH53.Which three are functions of AAA? (Choose three.) A), C) E)accountingavailabilityauthen ticationarchitectureauthorizationaccessibility54.A network administrator wishes to use port-level authentication technology to determine network access and assign IP addresses from different DHCP pools to authenticated and unauthenticated users. What standardized framework supports this objective? A)IEEE 802.1xIEEE 802.11afIEEE 802.1qIEEE 802.1p55.What will be the result of executing the command in the graphic? C)The default login method will use TACACS+ only.TACACS+ accounting will be enabled at login.The enable password will be used if a TACACS+ server is not available.The default TACACS+ user shell will be enabled.56.Which AAA service reduces IT operating costs by providing detailed reporting and monitoring of network user behavior, and also by keeping a record of every access connection and device configuration change across the network?authenticationaccreditationaccountingauthorization57.What tool should you use to add a single user account to the Cisco Secure ACS for Windows user database?database replicationUnknown User PolicyRDBMS SynchronizationCisco Secure ACS HTML interface58.Refer to the exhibit. Which two services can the network access server use to direct requests from the remote user to the Cisco Secure ACS authentication service? (Choose two.)CSAuthCSUtilRADIUSRDBMSTACACS+59.RTA(config) tacacs-server key emailprotected?RTA(config) tacacs-server host tacacs-server host will be the effect of these commands on router RTA? C)The TACACS+ server is now authenticating for the hosts and TACACS+ server key has been exported to the hosts and TACACS+ servers and and the router have been set to share the same authentication key.The TACACS+ servers are and and the configuration adds router RTA as a third TACACS+ server.60.RTA(config) abdominal aortic aneurysm new-modelRTA(config) abdominal aortic aneurysm authentication login default group taca cs+ enableAfter entering the configuration shown, the administrator loses the connection to the router before having the chance to create a new TACACS+ account. What is the easiest way for the administrator to regain administrative access to router RTA? C)Connect to the router, and use the default TACACS+ username and password.Erase NVRAM, and redo the configuration from scratch.Connect to the router, and supply the enable password. discharge a password recovery procedure on the router61.Which command associates the group MYGROUP with the AAA server using the TACACS+ protocol? D)Pixfirewall(config) abdominal aortic aneurysm-server MYGROUP tacacs+ protocolPixfirewall(config) abdominal aortic aneurysm-server protocol tacacs+ MYGROUPPixfirewall(config) abdominal aortic aneurysm-server tacacs+ protocol MYGROUPPixfirewall(config) abdominal aortic aneurysm-server MYGROUP protocol tacacs+62.Which configuration command defines the association of initiating HTTP protocol traffic with an auth entication proxy name MYPROXY? C)Router(config) ip auth-proxy MYPROXY httpRouter(config) auth-proxy MYPROXY ip httpRouter(config) ip auth-proxy name MYPROXY httpRouter(config) auth-proxy name MYPROXY ip http63.With the following configuration command, how long does the PIX Security Appliance try to access the AAA server before choosing the next AAA server if there is no response from aortic aneurysm-server MYTACACS (inside) host secretkey12 seconds15 seconds20 seconds30 seconds64.Which command will enable AAA services on a router? BRouter(config) abdominal aortic aneurysm enableRouter(config) aaa new-modelRouter(config) aaa set enableRouter(config) aaa new-model enable65.What is the default timeout in minutes for the inactivity-timer parameter of the ip auth-proxy command?153045609066.The network administrator configured the aaa authorization command below on the PIX Security Appliance. What is the effect of this command?pix(config) aaa author ization include tcp/22 outside auth1FTP traffic from outside is suit to authorization by the AAA server.SSH traffic from outside is subject to authorization by the AAA server.HTTP traffic from outside is subject to authorization by the AAA server.SMTP traffic from outside is subject to authorization by the AAA server.67.Which type of authentication is being used when authentication is required via the PIX Security Appliance before direct traffic flow is allowed between users and the company web server? C)access authenticationconsole access authenticationcut-through proxy authenticationtunnel access authentication68.What will be the effect in the router after these configuration commands are entered? B)Router(config) ip auth-proxy name aprule httpRouter(config) interface ethernet0Router(config-if) ip auth-proxy apruleAn authentication proxy rule called aprule is created making all authentication proxy services available only through the ethernet0 inte rface.An authentication proxy rule called aprule has been created for the HTTP protocol and is associated with the ethernet0 interface.An authentication proxy rule called aprule has been created for all protocols except the HTTP protocol and is associated with the ethernet0 interface.An authentication proxy rule called aprule has been created for the HTTP server running internally to the router and is associated with anyone attempting to access the web server from the ethernet0 interface.69.When Cisco IOS Firewall authentication proxy is enabled, a user sends HTTP traffic which will trigger the authentication proxy. What is the first action taken by the proxy? C)The user will be asked to supply a valid username and password.The TACACS+ server will be contacted to see if the user is a valid user.The authentication proxy will tab to see if the user has already been authenticated.If the authentication proxy has no user account for the user, it will check to see if a default guest user has been defined.70.A TACACS+ server is configured to provide authentication, authorization, and accounting. The IP address of the server is, and the AAA authentication encryption key is S3crtK3y. Which command sequence will configure a Cisco router to communicate with the TACACS+ server? D)Router(config) aaa new-modelRouter(config) aaa authentication default group tacacs+Router(config) aaa authorization auth-proxy default group tacacs+Router(config) aaa tacacs-server host aaa tacacs-server key S3crtK3yRouter(config) aaa enableRouter(config) aaa authentication default group tacacs+Router(config) aaa authorization auth-proxy default group tacacs+Router(config) tacacs-server host tacacs-server key S3crtK3yRouter(config) aaa enableRouter(config) aaa authentication login default group tacacs+Router(config) aaa authorization auth-proxy default group tacacs+Router(config) aaa tacacs-server host aaa tacacs-server key S3crtK3yRouter(config) aaa new-modelRouter(config) aaa authentication login default group tacacs+Router(config) aaa authorization auth-proxy default group tacacs+Router(config) tacacs-server host tacacs-server key S3crtK3y71.The lead network administrator notices that unknown users have made router configuration changes. These changes are adversely affecting the network. Which command can be entered on the router to help identify future configuration changes and who made these changes?aaa accountingshow uauthaaa accounting consoleaaa accounting contain72.Refer to the exhibit. Since ABC, Inc. is strengthening security, a PIX Security Appliance firewall must be configured with AAA services. Accounting should be provided for all FTP and HTTP traffic from any host to the network server at command sequence would successfully process the desired traffic to the NY_ACS accounting server? Apixfirewall(config) access-list on e hundred ten stomach tcp any host eq ftppixfirewall(config) access-list 110 permit tcp any host eq httppixfirewall(config) aaa accounting match 110 outside NY_ACSpixfirewall(config) access-list 110 permit tcp any host eq ftppixfirewall(config) access-list 110 permit tcp any host eq httppixfirewall(config) aaa accounting access-list 110 outside access-list 110 permit tcp any host eq ftppixfirewall(config) access-list 110 permit tcp any host eq httppixfirewall(config) aaa accounting match 110 outside NY_ACSpixfirewall(config) access-list 110 permit tcp any host eq ftppixfirewall(config) access-list 110 permit tcp any host eq httppixfirewall(config) aaa accounting match 110 outside command displays the current authenticated users, the host IP to which they are bound, and any cached IP and port authorization information on a Cisco PIX Security Ap pliance configured for AAA? B)pixfirewall(config) show aaa allpixfirewall(config) show uauthpixfirewall(config) show aaa statisticspixfirewall(config) show aaa-server74.A user has initiated an HTTP session through a firewall and has been authenticated by an authentication proxy. They have not generated any traffic in a while and the idle timer has expired for that user. What will the user have to do to allow them to go through the firewall again? D)The user can manually restart the idle timer.The user can simply TFTP their user profile to t