Sunday, March 24, 2019

Agent Orange Essay -- essays research papers fc

cistron Orange The Pesticide divisor orangeness was a mixture of herbicides that the U.S. forces sprayed in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Through many studies, scientists make up that any exposure to agentive role Orange may cause cancer. Hamilton Jordan feels that he may have been exposed to Agent Orange while he was in Vietnam. He developed cancer, and felt that Agent Orange contributed to this cancer. Agent orange was the chemical substance that was dropped over Vietnam in the late 1960s. It was not until the 1970s that the use of Agent Orange finally ceased. These chemicals were used for two full general purposes one of these was to kill the plants and trees in the jungle to uncover the North Vietnamese armies. The jungles of Vietnam were very thick, so the armies could not be seen from an aerial view. The Americans tried to go along this element of surprise attack by destroying the jungles. Another reason Agent Orange was used, was to destroy the enemys food supplies. Ag ent orange was potent enough to contaminate all the farmland of the North Vietnamese. The Americans figure that if they could destroy the enemys food supply, then the war would not last very long. Agent orange was a dangerous chemical mixed together to create a different kind of limb and means of attack for the Americans.Hamilton Jordan was the author of the book, No Such Thing as a Bad Day. In his book he tells of his experiences in...

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