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Diversity of Online Communities Essay -- Technology Internet Games Ess

Diversity of Online CommunitiesThe article in U.S. News & gentleman reputation called Go Play-On the Web represents a community of virtual(prenominal) gamers on the Internet. These games ar a lot more complex than the online gaming of the past. When these passel that belong to this particular community log on to the net they argon interacting with each other in huge 3-D virtual worlds. about of these games focus on a particular subject like work virtual game shows with others on the net. Some of the newfound games that atomic number 18 nevertheless recently being released are far more complex. One of these new more complex games is called Motor City Online. Motor City Online is a game where populate buy old muscle cars and customize them to their accept personal specifications. When they are ready they dismiss go out to the virtual races and race other nation that are logged on to the game. Although most masses like to race cars what makes this game unique is the fact that people can do a lot more in this game than however race cars. Some people spend their time browsing the car actions and buying cars cheap, then they strip the cars down in order to betray the parts to other people online and make a profit. Other people unwrap a niche in the game as a mechanic helping others find the best and cheapest parts for their street rods. These are just a few of the roles that a person can play in this game. I envisage the fact that you can assume so many different roles in games like Motor City Online makes it unique. To me these types of games come along to be more than just games but they are almost a virtual life that some people live in the apparent time. When they log on to these games they are taking positions in jobs in these worlds much(prenominal) as Race car drivers, Mechanics, Promoters, and Auctione... ...of the Internet say that the net is a dangerous place for people to spend their time because in that location are so many horrib le people and things that users can be candid to on the net. I dont agree with this at all I think that the Internet is very similar to real life. The Internet can be what ever each individual user wants it to be. It all depends on what communities that people chose to go online and be apart of. It takes a lot longer to find a community online than it does in real life but there is a community online for everyone. I think the critics of the Internet just havent fagged enough time browsing for a place where they feel comfortable. whole works CitedReingold, Howard The Heart of the WELL Composing Cyberspace Ed. Phillip A. Butcher Boston Mc Graw Hill 1998 151-163 Terrell, Kenneth Go Play- on the Web U.S. News & World Report Sept. 2001 78-80

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