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Colgate’s Distateful Toothpaste

The mission statement for Colgate is Our three fundamental value Caring, Global Teamwork and Continuous Improvement argon part of everything we do. (Colgate world of, 2011). Colgate presents products in the line of household and personal wish such as washing detergents, health care products and Hill pet food. The caseful, Colgates Distasteful Toothpaste, deals with good issues associated with Colgates repugnant toothpaste brand named Darkie. The term morality refers to judge principles of right and unconventional that govern the conduct of a person, the members of a profession, or the exploit of an arranging.Because it refers to accepted principles, these principles may change from country to country or from business to business. No two countries hold the same identical ethical values. Business ethics are the accepted principles of right and wrong governing the conduct or behavior of business hoi polloi. According to the case at hand, the ethical issues arising are near ly the logo on the tooth paste Darki black mankind toothpaste. This is an ethical issue because the logo was very popular in the Asian mart for years which meant that it was very well accepted and non-offensive in the foodstuff.But as soon as the word of such bring through was heard of in the US it was regarded as offensive and unacceptable. The argument was how in the world could this innocent logo which had generated millions of dollars to the Colgate and Hawley and cobnut eachiance be called offensive? The spokesperson from Hawley and cobnut pointed to the fact they had no problems because the foodstuff place share was so high in Asia. It left a bad impression on the US consumers because agriculture was different. The trade mark or logo was singling out black people which were viewed as a form of racism by the US population.In the Asian community this was non a problem because there was non a large black population as compared to the US. In the US with the institution of slavery still fresh on the minds of the average American this ad did not sit well, so one can clear see that in this case ethics had indeed been violated. Another case in point is that Colgate indicated that they had no thinks of selling this product in the westward world tells me that they were in this thing and for market share in the Asian market. And that they knew being a US caller that it was expected of them not to be conducting that type business dealings with another country f the home country is not pleased with such an operation. Colgate did not care what the black or white Americans public thought or how they entangle while promoting Darkie they had no problems, all they were looking at was the millions of dollars on the balance sheet. At the hold on of the day, there was no remorse or guilty feelings it was just business as usual for them. This type of action reflects total unethical behavior on the part of Colgate. In pasture for Colgate to enter the Asian market it had to first develop a plan of action or strategy.Strategic management is the process of determining the organizations basic goals and objectives and setting out a plan of action to attain them. In this case Hawley and Hazel had dominated the Asian market for years with their Darkie product. The only chance Colgate saw of getting into this big market without having to set up a production plant of its admit was to go into a 50% partnership with Hawley and Hazel. The agreement of this deal was that Colgate was to consent no managerial give voice in the decisions of the partnership. This was the strategy that Colgate took in pronounce to gain access into the Asian market seeing that Darkie was so popular.All Colgate was focusing on was on market presence and money it did not faze them that did not exact a voice in the deal. That is why when thing took a nose dive they could not say a word and it took three years and tons of money to reform the problems that they faced. In order for Colgate to handle the circumstance that arose, managerial privileges were the key. For Colgate the Asian market was the only driving military strength. If they had only kept their eyes on the true(p) prize which are good re effectuateation and customer loyalty and do sure that they had managerial rights it would have saved them m both troubles.As a big company Colgate, should have made an attempt to enforce several(prenominal) kind of pressure on Hawley and Hazel to change the logo. Instead of just sitting back and saying we have no managerial power. With all that was going on with Colgate one would probably ask, why didnt Colgate and Hawley and Hazel just change the ad logo? The answer to this question comes in two parts. The first is the effects of brand name and the loyalty that is consort with that brand. A brand exhibits the special relationship and connection we forge with a product or service.Darkie had a brand name in the Asian market that the customers l oved. The advertisement which portrayed a black mans white teeth generated millions in sales. Once a company has a well established brand name, it is very difficult to change. Customers put their loyalty in brand names and if these names change for any reasons, customers might feel cheated and even abandon the brand. That is why it is very spoilt for any business or partnership venture to change advertising with out losing customers. Remember that advertising is the method by which the information about products is being circulated into the market place.The Darkie logo advertisement was the driving force behind the product and the customers had a special feeling towards it. Any drastic or even simple change might have created expect in their minds resulting in market loss, and no company wants to lose market share. This is why Colgate and Hawley and Hazel did nothing to change to the ad, and I think it was the affirmable reason why Colgate did not respond to the domestic complain ts. In the end I think without a reasonable doubt that managerial rights compete a huge role in this case.If Colgate had it I think it would have been able to handle the negative pressures better. Furthermore I think Colgate as the huge business that it is, was supposed to just walk out the bull by the horns and launch into the Asian market. Darkie might have been the dominate histrion in the Asian market but I think that Colgate had what it take to compete. I think also that if they had made the detailed analysis which they were cognize for and remained focus on the local cultural differences, eventually they would have became chassis one in the Asian market.BibliographyColgate world of care. (2011). Retrieved from http//www.colgate.com/app/Colgate/US/Corp/LivingOurValues/CoreValues.cvsp

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