Saturday, February 9, 2019

Speaking In Tongues Essay -- Communication

Communication has been the hub of society sense the reservoir of man. It is the way concourse pass information from one to the next. Animals soak up been cognise to communicate with other animals or humans. A cover will do in order to mark his/her territory. This action translates possession to other animals, and the dog will act aggressively defending his/her territory if needed. Other animals have actions that will translate possession, hunger, and love. Humans translate these same ideas by be language (which is non-verbal converse) and speech (which is verbal communication). Humans place their main involution in verbal communication, which consist of communication with sounds from the mouth. With any type of communication there are different languages. Many people are unsuspecting that there are many different types of Sign Language. The languages that people spill are generally pecked at an early age. After a tiddler is born the parents beginning to speak to it, an d automatically the child begins to learn how to communicate with their mouth. Understandably, whatever language, or languages, the parents speak, will be the language the child learns. However, as a person ages the ability of learning a fresh language depreciates, and the task becomes exceedingly difficult. Understanding this to be common knowledge, it is non surprising to read about the reaction the Jews expressed on the daytime of Pentecost when the apostles stud before them speaking in languages they had never spoken before. now the term for this particular act is called Speaking in Tongues, and there has been oftentimes debate over this issue. The idea raises many questions such as What is a tongue? How did someone acquire this ability? What is the purpose? And, ... ... known as the Bible. Keep in mind, if the televangelists who claim to heal by the power of matinee idol were able to do so, wherefore why do they wait for people to come to them? Why are they not traveling from one hospital to another healing the sick and raising the dead? It is for the same think people cannot speak in a language they have not learned, miracles have ceased (1 Corinthians 1310). The idea of speak in an unlearned language, or speaking in tongues, is a much debated topic among religious enthusiast. This topic, like many others, will continue to be debate until the final hooter sounds and the church rise to meet Christ in the hair. However, if one was to need to forget everything he or she has learned about the subject, and study the scriptures for themselves, then they would discover the truth. All miracles, including speaking in tongues, have ceased.

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