Sunday, February 17, 2019

Elite Athletes are Being Paid too Much Essay -- essays research papers

Are elite athletes/sports men or women being gainful too much if non how are thither high salaries justified, if so, why, and how could there m unitaryy be put to better use?To most tidy sum one million dollars a lot of currency, to most people one thousand dollars is a lot, solely even though it is hard to believe, to rough people these figures mean nothing. It is no secret that overlord athletes particularly those who twist soccer, golf, and race F1 cars receive big bucks, but people do not realize to what extent. Last year tiger woods made 87 million dollars, to put that into perspective thats 34800 times what George Bush flummoxs a year and he is one of the most influential, powerful people in the world. During Mike Tysons match against Peter McNealy he made 281,000 dollars, in a single second. This poses the question, how can he, or anyone for that matter deserve to make that much money? To render an elite athlete such as tiger Woods, it is not easy. Statistically it is harder to become a NBA player than to become a brain surgeon. There are some key factors and sacrifices that fatality to happen to ensure success. Just like if someone was to become a highly successful businessmen or surgeon. 1.You need to be brought up in the right environment, exposed to the way the game works, and the correct technique involved. In Tigers carapace his father showed him how to play from the age of two. In the case of a businessmen, his father might have told him about the stock food market etc also from a young age, this way their education begins early.2.To most professional athletes, to realize their dream also means to forget about an education, Tiger Woods quit college to pursue a life of a professional golfer.3.A professional athletes career ... ...gets paid.The money wedded to the athletes could be used for more probable causes. Recently Alex Rodriguez of the Texas Rangers signed a contract for 252 million dollars over a span of 10 years. This is luxuriant money to feed the nations poor for a year or to try a lot more housing and shelters for the homeless. Others could benefit from the millions being senseless on these athletes. Not because the players dont earn the money but because it could just be better spent on more grand issues in our communities.In closing, these athletes are making too much money in a society that traditionally bases salaries on the value of ones work. These athletes do not know what real work is or how hard it is to make a dollar. Although their job is difficult, they do not play a consumption in our economy like their salaries indicate. Therefore, they should receive less money.

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