Friday, February 15, 2019

Eastern Cougars, Maybe :: Animals Cougars Cougar Papers

east Cougars, Maybe(1) Most Field and float enthusiasts know that mountain lions argon a fast and agile animal that dismiss live for many years with no real predator new(prenominal) than humans. Another name for the cougar is the well used mountain lion which many Eastern states have named stores, schools, and even sports teams after. The distinction that the Mississippi river shekels cougars from traveling into Eastern states cant be proven because thither are many animals in the West that are in the East. In Craig Springers A Rumor of Cougar article stick on in the Field and Stream magazine depicts falsehood due to cardinal interesting fallacies, a fallacy of distraction and two causal fallacies. SS-1 (2) sensation of Professor Downes fallacies of distraction is linked to Craig Springers article in several aspects. The fallacy, argument from ignorance states that, Arguments of this form assume that since something has not been proven true, it is then false. An e xample of this type of fallacy is seen in the first sentence of the article, Cougars in the East are the equivalent of UFO,s,says firebrand Dowling. This statement is suggesting that at that place are no cougars in the East because they havent been identified. There may be actual cougars roaming the East even though on that point is no specific proof. Then again, there is no specific proof that there are not cougars in the East. Therefore, this statement is just an argument of ignorance from Mark Dowlings point of view. (3) The article also contains two causal fallacies, a fallacy of complex cause and a fallacy of genuine simply insignificant cause. According to Downes the fallacy of complex cause states that, The effect is caused by a number of objects or events of which the cause identified is only a part. The article suggests this in the sentence, People say theyve seen cougars in the East, but there is no concrete evidence - meaning no desoxyribonucleic acid, no adeno idal remains. Concrete evidence can be more than DNA or skeletal remains. For one reason, it would be hard to find any DNA or Skeletal remains because there is no real Eastern predator to kill a cougar. Plus, cougars have many animals to feed on in the Eastern states so it would take awhile for a cougar to die. Cougars live in secluded areas, if one would happen to die it would most likely be eaten by scavengers before any human could see it and get a sample of DNA.

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