Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Brown vs. Board: The Brown Sisters Speak :: papers essays

dark-brown vs. Board The Brown Sisters Speak I recommend heading over to Foellinger Auditorium with Jessica saying to myself, I have no suggestion what this event was going to be all about. All Jessica had utter to me was that the Brown sisters were going to be speaking. We entered the auditorium to find the first floor surprisingly live(a) with people talking among each other and seats quickly decorous full. We decided that it would be better to observe from above so we took the steps up to the balcony and found seats right along the edge. From above, I could go to the many people who came out for the event. The crowd contained many scholars and professors as healthy as a good group of students. I received a call from my friend, who spotted me from her seat in the first floor. She said that she was in that location to take notes for a class assignment as well. So, I suppose many students were also there because, just like, had an assignment to accompli sh. It was at this blot that I had finally put two and two together and complete that the Brown sisters were the daughters of the Reverend Oliver Leon Brown, who is the same person involved in the disreputable Brown v. Board case. Jessica laughed at me for my slowness. I, however, began to get excited because this was truly high-flown and special occasion. I had wished that more people attended the event only looking at the crowd a second time, I was blessed to see the varying ages of the people in the crowd. There were people that looked old(a) than the Brown sisters to young grade school students who came in as a class. Somehow, we were all connected because in iodine way or another, whether we atomic number 18 young or old, the decision that was passed down by the Supreme judicature on Brown v. Board changed many lives. There were many things said by the Brown sisters that ranged from the historical context of the case to what it did for their lives. But one quote stood out in my head, and it was made by Dr.

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