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Of mice and men assignment Essay

Curley is physically aggressive towards Lennie, date his married woman is sexually provocative. These two characters create trouble for Lennie from the start and trustfulness to rationality his destruction in the break.The main points that I volition show how Curleys physically antagonism towards Lennie helps to causes his termination in the end argon* When he first meets George and Lennie* When he is expression for for for a affair with mortal* When his married woman is killed he s gutter neediness to film LennieThe main points that I will show how Curleys married woman sexually provocative towards Lennie helps to causes his death in the end are* When she first meets George and Lennie* When Lennie is with Candy and Crooks in the flummox rear* At the end when both of them are in the barn just together* Even when she is pulseless as Lennie beds that George will be touchy at himThis essay will argue that Curley is physically aggressive towards Lennie plot of la nd his wife is sexually provocative. Both characters combine to cause his death.The physical aggression towards Lennie starts when Curley first meets Lennie and George,Curley lashed his bole around. By Christ, hes gotta talk when hes spoken to. What the hell are you getting into it for?We jus suffer in, utter Lennie softly. Curley stared levelly at him. hale, nex judgment of conviction you answer when youre spoken to. He sullen towards the door and passported aside, his elbows were s savings bank bent start a little. From the two passages you jackpot happen upon that Curleys physical aggression towards Lennie starts early in the restrain and is caused by Lennie not talking. This is caused after he tries quizzing them again after the node had nevertheless finished, his father. He takes an instant disliking towards Lennie. Curley tries to show the two who is the boss and that they should softwood with him but, by flexing his muscles and taking a fighting crouch but Cur ley is taken by surprise when Lennie answers him in a soft voice, then Curley leaves the bunk house walking with his muscles still flexed.The swamper (Candy) saysCurleys a handle a parcel out of little laugh ats. He hates enceinte guys. Hes alla time pick out scraps with enceinte guys. Kind of like hes gruesome at em because he aint a big guy. You seen little guys like that, aint you? Al counsels scrapping? Sure, express George. I seen plenty tough little guys. But this Curley better not process no mistake some Lennie. Lennie aint handy, but this Curley thug is gonna get hurt if he skunkes around with Lennie. Well, Curleys pretty handy, the swamper said sceptically. From this you find out that Curley is meant to be handy and can fight, also that Lennie my not be able to fight but is strong. You also get the imprint that you know that both of them are overtaking to cross paths unmatchable way or an new(prenominal). Also Steinbeck is warning of the power and strength of Lennie in the akin way with the mouse that Lennie has at the start of the book.Curleys wife sexually provocative towards Lennie also starts when she first meets the pair, Lennie and George.Both men glanced up, for the rectangle of sunshine in the doorway was cut off. A girl was standing there looking in. She had full, rouged lips and wide-spaced eyes, heavily made up. Her fingernails were red. Her blur hung in little involute clusters, like sausages. She wore a cotton house dress and red mules, on the insteps of which were little bouquets of red ostrich feathers. Im lookin for Curley, she said. Her voice had a nasal, brittle quality. George looked outside(a) from her and then thorn.He was in here a minute ago, but he went. Oh She put her hands behind her back and leaned against the door frame so that her body was thr admit forward. Youre the unfermented fellas that just come, aint ya? Yeah. Lennies eyes move mastered over her body, and thought she did not seem to be look ing at Lennie she bridled a little. She looked at her fingernails, sometimes Curleys in here, she explained. George said brusquely, Well he aint now. If he aint a guess I better look some place else, se said p typesetfully. Lennie watched her, fascinated. George said, If I see him, Ill pass the word you was looking for him. She smiled archly and twitched her body. Nobody cant blame a someone for lookin, she said. Lennie still stared at the doorway where she had been. Gosh, she was purty. He smiled admiringly. George looked quickly mess at him and then he took him by an ear and agitate him. Listen to me, you nauseous bastard, he said fiercely. Dont you even take a look at that bitch. I dont attending what she says and what she does. I seen em poison before, but I never seen no va permit of jail gull worse than her. You leave her be. Lennie tried to disengage his ear. I never done nothing, George. No, you never. But when she was standin in the doorway showin her leg, you wasnt looking the other way, neither.The way in which Steinbeck describes Curleys wife reconstructs her come across as I tart. George thinks that she is a tramp, jail bait and a rat trap. George also gets concerned when Lennie say that she is purty. In this chapter Steinbeck makes the ranch sound scary, a sense of fear like he want you to know something grim is going to happen with out revealing you.The next physical aggression towards Lennie is when Curley is looking for his wife and is accusing melt off. They walk in to the bunk house and Slim is fed-up with Curley asking him some his wife and lets him know but Curley dose not want to fight with Slim. He then looks around the room, Carlson also had a dig at Curley but Curley did not want to fight with him either. He knows that he will fetch a bit of trouble with both of these men. indeed Candy says something and Curley just looks straight and him but then notices Lennie and think of fighting with him. His eyes slipped on past an d lighted on Lennie and Lennie was still smiling with delight at the memory of the ranch. Curley stepped over to Lennie lie a terrier. What the hell you laughin at? Lennie looked blankly at him. Huh? Then Curleys rage exploded. Come on, ya big bastard. sound up on your feet. No big son-of-a-bitch is gonna laugh at me. Ill show ya hows yella. Lennie looked hopelessly at George, and then he got up and tried to retreat. Curley was balanced and poised. He slashed at Lennie with left, and then blind drunk him carry out his nose with a right. Lennie gave a cry of terror. Blood gooded from his nose. George, he cried. Make um let me alone, George. He backed until he was against the wall, and Curley followed, slugging him in the face. Lennies hands remained at his sides he was too frightened to defend himself.Curley attacked his turn out and cut off his wind. Slim jumped up. The dirty little rat, he cried, Ill get um myself. George put out his hand and grabbed Slim. Wait a minute, he sh outed. He cupped his hands around his mouth and yelled, Get him Lennie Lennie took his hands away from his face and looked about for George, and Curley slashed at his eyes. The big face was cover with blood. George yelled again, I said get him. Curleys fist was swing when Lennie reached for it. The next minute Curley was flopping like a fish on a line, and his closed fist was confused in Lennies big hand. George ran raze the room.Leggo of him, Lennie. let go. But Lennie watched in terror the flopping little man whom he held. Blood ran down Lennies face, one of his eyes was cut and closed. George slapped him in the face again and again, still Lennie held on to the closed fist. Curley was white and shrunken by now, and his struggling had become weak. He stood crying, his fist lost in Lennies paw. George shouted over and over, Leggo his hand, Lennie. Leggo. Slim, come help me while the guy got any hand left. Suddenly Lennie let go his hold. He crouched cowering against the wall. Yo u tol me to, George, he said miserably. Curley sat down on the floor, looking in enquire at his crushed hand. Slim and Carlson bent over him. Then Slim straightened up and regarded Lennie with horror. We got to get him to a doctor, he said. Looks to me like ever turn out in his han is bust.The fight started after Carlson said to Curley,Youre as yella as a frogThen after Candy joins in saying to Curley in disgust,Glove fulla VaselineThis makes Curley feel angry that everyone is saying this to him. He notices that Lennie is smiling, he think that he is smiling at Curley so he orders him to his feet and begins fighting with Lennie. Lennie is too scared to fight back and just stands there. Steinbeck makes a comment of Lennie being animal like,He stood crying, his fist lost in Lennies paw.Steinbeck descries Lennie as being like a hold in being very powerful once Lennie had hold of something or someone he wont let go. Just like the girl in Weed, the little mouse, Curleys hand, the litt le brown and whit puppy and Curleys wife in the end.The next time Curleys wife is sexually provocative towards Lennie is when she goes in to Crooks room trying to find out where her husband has gone.She stood still in the doorway, smiling a little at them, rubbing the nails of one of her hand with the thumb and forefinger of the other. And her eyes travelled from one face to another. They left all the week ones here, she said finally. intend I dont know where they all went? Even Curley. I know where they all went. Lennie watched he, fascinated but Candy and Crooks were frown down away from her eyes. Candy said, Then if you know, why you want to ast us where Curley is at?You can tell that Curleys wife is sexually provocative towards Lennie and she calls him a dum-dum then stands in the doorway flirting with the weak ones. Candy and Crooks were scowling down away from her eyes where as Lennie was fascinated by her, that shows his olfactory perception towards her, being different from the other two men.The next time Curleys wife is sexually provocative towards Lennie is when she goes in to the barn where Lennie is playing with his impudent puppy, while everyone is in a horseshoes competition. The two are alone in the barn together for the first time. Curleys wife moved away from him a little. I think youre nuts, she said. No I aint, Lennie explained earnestly. George says I aint. I like to pet polished things with my fingers, sof things. She was a little bit reassured. Well, how dont? She said. Ever body likes that. I like to feel silk an velvety. Do you like to feel velvet? Lennie chuckled with pleasure. You bet, by God, he cried happily. An I had some, too. A lady gave me some, an that lady was my own Aunt Clara. She gave it right to me- about this big a piece. I wished I had that velvet right now. A frown came over his face. I lost it, he said. Aint seen it for a long time. Curleys wife laughed at him. Youre nuts, she said. But youre kinda nice fella. Jus like a big baby. But a person can see kinda what you mean. When Im doin my hair sometimes I jus typeset an stroke it cause its soft. To show how she did it, she ran her fingers over the straighten out of her head. Some people got kinda coarse hair, she said complacently. Take Curley. His hair is jus like wire. But mine is soft and fine. Course I drag in it a lot. That makes it fine. Here- feel right here.She took Lennies hand and put it on her head. Feel right aroun there an see how soft it is. Lennies big fingers fell to stroking her hair. Dont you muss it up, she said. Lennie said Oh Thats nice, and he stroked harder. Oh, thats nice. Look out, now, youll muss it. And then she cried angrily, You stop it now, youll mess it all up. She jerked her head sideways, and Lennies fingers closed on her hair and hung on. Let go, she cried. You let go Lennie was in a panic. His face was contorted. She screamed then, and Lennies other hand closed over her mouth and nose. Please dont, he begged. Oh Please dont do that. Georgell be mad. She struggled violently chthonic his hands. Her feet battered on the hay and she writhed to be free and from infra Lennies hand came a muffled screaming. Lennie began to cry with fright. Oh Pleas dont do non of that, he begged. George gonna say I done a mischievous thing. He aint gonna let me tend no rabbits.He moved his hand a little and her hoarse cry came out. Then Lennie grew angry. Now dont, he said. I dont want you to yell. You gonna get me in trouble jus like George says you will. Now dont you do that. And she continued to struggle, and her eyes were wild with terror. He shook her then, and he was angry with her. Dont you go yellin, he said and shook her and her body flopped like a fish. And then she was still, for Lennie had broken her neck. He looked down at her, and carefully he removed his hands from over her mouth, and she lay still. I dont want ta hurt you, he said. But Georgell be mad if you yell. When she didnt answ er nor move he bent closely over her. He lifted her arm and let it drop. For a moment he seemed bewildered. And then he whispered in fright, I done a bad thing. I done a bad thing. He pawed up the hay until it partly covered her both the trouble starts when she tries to be nice to Lennie by comforting him about the jobless pup. When the two get talking they both go on about different thing, not really communicating just talking about their own problems. They both find that they have something in common which are soft things and even thou she know the strength of Lennie and that she thinks hes nuts she still encourage him to play with her hair.When Curley wife starts to scream Lennie does what hes done in the past, squeezed the life out of it just like the mice, woman in Weed, Little pup and Curleys hand.Steinbeck describes the attack by Lennie on Curley and Curleys wife in the same way, Like I fish which when you think of a limp fish it does nothing and is useless. in the end the n ext time Curleys wife is contributes towards Lennies death is when she is dead as Lennie know that George will not be happy with him. I done a real bad thing, he said. I shouldnt of did that. Georgell be mad. Anhe saidan obliterate in the brush till he come. Hes gonna be mad. In the brush till he come. Thas what he said. Lennie went back and looked at the dead girl. The puppy lay close to her. Lennie picked it up. Ill throw him away, he said. Its bad enough like it is. He put the pup under his coat, and he crept to the barn wall and peered out between the cracks, toward the horseshoe game. And then he crept around the end of the last manger and disappeared.After violent death Curleys wife Lennie knows that George will not be happy with what he has done, killing the pup and well as Curleys wife. He remembers to go and hide and decided that he must hide the dog.Finally the next time Curley shows his physical aggression towards Lennie is when he finds out his wife had been killed.Cur ley came suddenly to life. I know who done it, he cried. That big son-of-a-bitch done it. I know he done it. Why- ever body else was out there playin horseshoes. He worked himself into a fury. Im gonna get him. Im going for my shotgun. Ill kill the big-son-of-a-bitch myself. Ill engage im in the guts. Come on, you guys. He ran furiously out of the barnSlim stood looking down at Curleys wife. He said, Curley- maybe you better stay here with your wife. Curleys face reddened. Im goin, he said. Im gonna shoot the guts outta that big bastard myself, even if I only got one hand. Im gonna get im.When Curley finds out his wife has been killed by Lennie he feel humiliated by this and the fact that its happened twice make him want revenge more. The fact that he dose not care about his wife, the fact that Slim touches his wife to find out what is up with her and to make sure she is dead. If he did care about her as well then he would have not cared about going out to kill Lennie he would have wanted to stay with his wife. Steinbeck makes Curley sound like a cold man who just wants Lennie dead. Although Lennie is shot by George in the end as Steinbeck make you fell that George ought to do it him self. As prior in the book when Candy lets someone kill his dog he regrets it from the first moment and say that he should have killed it himself.From what I have found within of mice and men Curley is physically aggressive towards Lennie, while his wife is sexually provocative. These two characters create trouble for Lennie from the start and combine to cause his death in the end.Curleys physically aggression towards Lennie that helps to causes his death in the end was* The first meeting with George and Lennie* Looking for a fight with someone* After wife is killed he still want to get LennieCurleys wife sexually provocative towards Lennie which helps to causes his death in the end were* The first meeting with George and Lennie* When Lennie is with Candy and Crooks in the bunk house* At the end when both of them are in the barn alone together* Even when she is dead as Lennie knows that George will be mad at himI feel that they both help to contribute towards Lennies death in the end both in different way.

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