Tuesday, February 5, 2019

An Economic Intrepration Of Th :: essays research papers fc

Economics is a way of life The lottery is nonA lottery is something that m either people would be rattling excited to win. Most people think of a huge immediate payment reward for winning a lottery. The thought of millions of dollars organism awarded just because they picked your quote is very exciting. In most cases, the possibility of winning champion of these abundant lotteries is very slim you would have a better chance of being hit by lightning. Shirley Jackson writes ab start a lottery that took repose in a lilliputian farming community consisting of a ungenerous 300 people. The probability of winning this lottery is good you would have a one in three hundred chance of winning. The lottery is thither to insure the season&8217s dos. If you were &8220lucky enough to be chosen, you would be feedd to the gods. This sacrifice would involve the townspeoplespeople directing you towards the middle of a circle and proceeding to throw rocks at you until death. Everybody see ms happy with the results of this yearly tradition until they are chosen for the stoning. Before the lottery, people are joking and gathering like it was a party. Once the &8220lucky participant has been chosen their cries of compromise are let let on and this has no effect on the crowd at hand. Being one of the stoners, you are unwilling to recognize the screams of pain and the sights of blood. This sacrifice ensures the town&8217s scotch success and their ability to feed the families. Crops are the lives of these families and if they fail thither may not be enough food to feed this small town. Killing one person a year to theoretically surrender the lives of three hundred people does not seem that bad. Sure the town&8217s people may follow this cruel tradition blindly, exactly how are they to know if the sacrifice is actually saving their crops or not? They keep on with their traditions because one bad year could wipe out the whole town. This town is run on economic success an d a tradition that is not to be broken. The ability to follow cruel traditions without any remorse for the damage that has been done has a type of cult mentality. The economic well-being for this town is important, but is it important enough to follow a 100 year old tradition which, logically, does not help the crop condition one bit?

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