Monday, February 18, 2019

Genetic Engineering and Cryonic Freezing: A Modern Frankenstein? Essay

heritable engineering and Cryonic Freezing A Modern Frankenstein? In Mary Shelleys Frankenstein, a new being was artificially created using the parts of others. That topic indeed examines the ethics of playing God and, though written in 1818, it is sedate a relevant issue today. transmittable engineering and cryogenic halt ar two current technologies related to the theme in the sassy of science transcending the limits of what valet de chambres can and should do. hereditary engineering is widely use today. communicableally altered bacteria are used to make human insulin, human growth hormone, and a vaccine for hepatitis B. Two vaccines against AIDS created with contagious engineering shake begun clinical trials here in the United States (The Genetic Revolution 10), and genetic engineering is used to detect genetic defects in human fetuses (The Controversy over Genetic Engineering 18). Many are now considering using this technology to change humans, such as growing m ethods that could be used to regenerate or repair faulty organs. It could be also used to find a cure for diseases such as cancer, eventually (Fitzgerald), or to repair genetic defects. Parents could choose the sex and line of longitude of their offspring and be able to have more intelligent, more athletic, and weaken looking children. Also, genetic engineering could also be used to dead ringer humans (Kevles 354), a topic of much discussion of late. Kevin T. Fitzgerald divided potentiality scenarios for using cloning technology into three categories Producing a clone in order to save the life of an individual who requires a transplant reservation available another reproductive option for people who wish to have genetically related children, but face physical or chr... ...Victor may have succeeded in his goal of creating a new being and prisonbreak deaths hold over humankind, it appears that it will be us that puts forth the last and most acceptable solution. WORKS CITED Begley, Sharon. Designer Babies. Newsweek November 9, 1998 61,2. The Controversy over Genetic Engineering. Awake December 8, 1978 18-20. Fitzgerald, Kevin T. Little Lamb, Who Made Thee? America March 29, 1998. . The Genetic Revolution. Awake July 22, 1989 10. Kevles, Daniel J. and Leroy Hood. Will the Human Genome Project Lead to Abuses In Genetic Engineering? Taking Sides. Ed. Thomas A. Easton. Guilford, Connecticut Dushkin Publishing Group Inc., 1995. 342-357. Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein. Puffin Books, Penguin Group. London, England, 1994. Pages 64-65. http// Alcor feel Extension Foundation. 1998.

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