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Free Affirmative Action Essays - Affirmative Action is Against the Bibl

Affirmative consummation is Against the Bible        the States was known as the Land of Opportunity.  Then it became evident that opportunity was sole(prenominal) available to white men.  Later, laws were passed to ensure equal opportunity regardless of race, sex, or religion. These Affirmative Action laws were set in place by our government activity with the intent of remedying the social evil know as prejudice simply in doing so, they created a monster.  Affirmative put to death has become an ineffective, outdated, and socially pestilential policy that is weakening our great nation.         The adoption of Affirmative Action programs in the 1960s reflected our national aspiration to overcome long-entrenched injustices and become a caller where equal opportunity, or at least a fair opportunity, was a reality for more of our citizens. These programs were a response to economic, political and cultural lot that d emanded, then encouraged, and then tolerated widespread discrimination on the basis of much(prenominal) factors as color, gender and ethnic background. The common hope was that these programs would be impermanent in nature and would enable us as a ordination to reach a point, at some future date, when they would no longish be needed (Shapiro).  It is my opinion that we have now reached that date. Continued drop of the policy is much like continued use of a grueling practice of medicine.  When a patient is suffering from a terrible disease, as was the united States suffering from discrimination, strong medication is sometimes needed to cure the problem.  just once the disease is taken care of, further use of the medication does not help... ...e right course of action.  This is an ideal that has always been true, but is quite often broken, resulting is negative effects and more problems.  A course of action that is morally wrong, ethically wrong, and economically wrong, is not the correct way, but an easier way.  Often, the correct way is more difficult and requires more work, but nevertheless, it is the correct way.  2 wrongs do not check a right, but they do make more problems and prolong an actual resolution to the problem.    Works Cited   Shapiro, Harold.  Affirmative Action  A continuing discussion / A continuing commitment  internet Source.  Available at http//   Websters Dictionary  Harbor House Publishers Inc.  Baltimore.  1984  

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