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Project Implementation Process Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Project Implementation Process - Essay ExampleIt is also expected by the stakeholders that almost commercial uses like an artists studio shall arrive at a attitude on the piece of land later it is developed for the generation of further income by drawing more people to the office. It is thus the developers trading to assess the site and, in this report to the School Governors, detail how the various issues put forth by the stakeholders shall be handled to make sure that the 2.5 million pounds budgeted for meet all the needs of developing the project (Kerzner, 2009, p. 9). statutory Issues in Consideration There be several legal matters that need to be dealt with to ensure a smooth running of operations both currently and in the future. It is expected of the developer that all matters legal are put into consideration to eliminate all overleap that may sabotage the project and lead to the breathing out of the benefits expected from the projects that will result from the facili ties erected on the bought site. These issues shall be discussed in the following section to quell the fears of the stakeholders and have their confidence and blessings as to the viability and profit potential of the project (Smock and Stewart, 2006, p. 30). The first issue is the legal access to the site that has been bought from the local authority. All the required documents concerning the transfer of land to the Drove Park School shall be obtained sooner the commencement of the project. The title deed shall be transferred to the Grove Park School originally any action is undertaken. It is expected that the complete transfer of the land from the local authority possessing it to the school shall be completed before the developer takes charge of the projects at hand. This is to avoid the eventualities that may result from the access to land that is under dispute due(p) to one mishap or another (Russill, 2012, p. 41). Another legal issue that requires keen attention is the ency clopedism of the permit from the regimen to allow access to and development of the land in question. An agreement shall be sign-language(a) between Grove Park School and all the authorities that have a vested interest in the land to fully assure the Grove Park School that it has the full possession of the site at hand and that its developer is allowed full access and the use of the land (Nohe, 2009, p. 22). The site needs to be developed from a very poor and hopeless state to inspire the whole area and turn it into a work center of its own standing. Since it is expected that the project shall be very successful, plans should be put in place both with the owners of the land adjacent to the one under development to eliminate any future bank vaults that may jeopardize development and other plans. The Grove Park School should thus focus on liaising with the local authorities to allow future expansion plans without breaking any laws in place. All government rules concerning the futur e plans of the project at hand should be known in advance both by the developer and all parties with vested interest (Kerzner, 2009, p. 15). The developer at this stage assures all parties that all rules and regulations concerning the project both at collapse and in the future are well taken care of and there exists no major hurdle as to the development plans in place. Statutory

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