Wednesday, April 17, 2019

PPM-PRINCE2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

PPM-PRINCE2 - Essay Exampleect Brief Project Name Date absolve Draft/Final Author Owner Client roll Number Purpose The main shoot for of this Project Brief is to provide detailed explanation of the various elements of the implementation of the Customer Relationship passage within Huanghe Technology. Project Definition Huanghe Technology currently requires a envision which can help settlement the issues within the comp each. Here a Customer Relationship Management redact is being proposed to meet the need of the company. This project aims at integrating three main elements of the business, i.e. the Customer run on, Sales team and Technical Team. push details of the project are presented below. Project Objectives The main objectives of the project are as listed below a) victimisation of an Enterprise Team to meet the needs of the business clients b) Development of a ticker Technical Team to meet the technical needs of both business clients as well as the SOHO customers c) D evelopment of the Core Sales team which willing deal with the details of sales as well as the pecuniary aspects of all customers d) Development of Customer Service Team to face customers and provide the necessary customer hurt e) Development of a central database to hold complete records of all the sales made via all the channels. This will include both retail as well as the direct channels. f) Finally, to implement an Information brass and to integrate the four function groups, i.e. enterprise team, core sales, core technical team and the customer support teams. Project Scope The project has a limited scope and it caters to the European markets. The system will be implemented in the Huanghe UK office. Constraints and Assumptions There are two main assumptions and constraints in this project. Firstly, it is faux that all the sales information from the retailers can be got and integrated to the information system on a daily basis. Secondly, it is assumed that the company will b e willing to invest in the technical development of the information systems. compend Business Case Huanghe Technologyhas being receiving a number of complaints from the customers relating issues relating to the equipments not working from SOHO customers and also a number of calls being lost between the call centre and the sales teams. Also the SOHO customers have go about lack of technical support from the company. The company is currently being run in three erupt parts which are each managed by different people and all act independently as separate units and with different operations culture. The main issue of the business clearly is a lack of consolidation among the three parts of the business. Here due to the lack of integration, the impact has been on the customers and the service provided to the customers. CRM Systems Project entry Project Name Date Release Draft/Final Author Owner Client Document Number Purpose The Project Initiation document provides a clear view of the direction of the project as well as a clear view of the roles of the various individuals in the project. This helps in develop a strong and firm foundation for the proposal before the company can make any further commitments on the project. It also helps provide the users and interested parties with a clear and detailed view of what the project is about and also how the project will be managed.

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