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Ethics Case Study Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Ethics teddy Study - Research Paper ExampleFor instance, they should neither be forced nor be subjected to undue influences. In this case, the chelas mother was not informed (by day veneration center) of any mistreatment / ill-treatment / cast off regarding her beloved child hence, the principle of autonomy has been violated. The case comes under child abuse so it should be telled to concerned authorities that would ban the license / registration of that center to avert any notwithstanding fatalities, thereby saving infants / children. 1.2 - Principle of Non-maleficence The next principle in bioethics is known as non-maleficence that focuses on the least(prenominal)(prenominal) harm to patients (intentionally). For instance, it should be pointed out that certain measures have to be taken that reduces the chance of harm to patients. In addition, the non-maleficence principle also overlaps with due care theory that endorses the idea of care to patients through use of preventati ve measures. In this particular case of a child, the day care center certainly neither ensured least harm to the 8-month old nor cooperated with the mother by explaining the condition of her child. Therefore, the principle of non- maleficence is violated since maximum care was not provided to child during absence of her mother. 1.3 - Principle of Beneficence The third ethical principle is known as beneficence that refers to choosing the best option so that greatest good could be done for patients and possibility of sinister could be minimized. In this particular case, the best option for day care personnel was to communicate and full inform childs mother about the crying, unusual behavior and physical condition of her child so that she could take any immediate measures for rectification. Similarly, the best option for physician was to persuade mother to report the case before court of law instead of satisfying himself that it was not child abuse so it should not be reported. In thi s way, the principle of beneficence had been violated by the two parties and the childs mother secures right to report and request for punishment to culprits followed by payment of damages (x-ray expenses, physicians fees etc.). 1.4 - Principle of Justice Another most important principle of bioethics is the justice ethical principle that states that the decision-makers should require alternatives and make decisions that are fair and that could be justified for all those associated with that case or dilemma. In unreserved words, the decisions should comply with different ethical approaches. Also, the just and ethical decisions avert the possibility of unrest in the ships company because the guilty is punished and innocents are protected. In this case, the actual loser in this case is the childs mother whose trust factor on day care center personnel was affected as well as she had to rush her injured child to hospital, thereby facing emotional and financial issues. Hence, it should be argued in the light of justice approach that the decision should be reported so that the performance of child care centers could be monitored (Hyden, 1999). For instance, the physicians should also be

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