Tuesday, April 23, 2019

ART Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 9

ART - Essay Example promote, Krauss, Bois, and Buchloh focuses on a crucial payoffhow the germinal work is created, how the artistic manifesto is published and the opening of a major exhibition this crucial event tells us the story of enchanting diversity of practice and interpretation that characterizes the art of the twentieth century. Nevertheless, they made a point to explain in detail all the turning points and breakthroughs of modernism and postmodernism.1. Modernism is generally an artistic approach, which dominated the European and American art and literature in the Twentieth Century. The key features of modernism atomic number 18 thought to be the principles of formalism and the autonomy of art.3. The third aspect is the concept of the avant-garde, which challenges the dominant artistic culture. often referred to as inner logic of modernism, this critical force makes the art move forward towards Postmodernism.Characterized as a critique of Modernism and the project of mo dernity, Postmodernism is best understood as a part of a cultural shift which has been felt in science, philosophy, and the arts. Culture is seen by others (e.g. Jean Baudrillard) as an endless work of imitation (simulation) which signals the end of authenticity and reality and the emergence of hyperreality (Baudrillard 1049-50)2. Interventionist is when the artist becomes a manipulator of signs rather than a producer of wile. The viewer becomes an active reader of messages rather than a passive contemplator of the aesthetic(Foster 1066). This form of Art is described as a social sign entangled with other signs in systems productive of value, ability and prestige (Foster 1066)This critique of Modernity often takes the form of a challenge to the norms and values of western culture as a whole. But this critique is losing its popularity. If we still dont have an answer to Hal Fosters 1996 question, Whatever Happened to

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