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Advantages and Disadvantages of Single-Sex Classrooms

Advantages and Disadvantages of item-by-item- wind Class suiteSingle-Sex ClassroomsImagine attending an all boys or all girls t severally objet dart you were growing up. For to a greater extent or slight people this was reality, but for most people they afford al counselings attended a coeducational school day. There be legion(predicate) opinions on single sex classrooms, as the topic arises in areas as a potential upshot to enhancing students mental processs. According to LynNell Hancock the author of, A Room of Their Own, critics business concern that single sex classrooms will create more than gender inequality and set us plump for further in time by creating unfairness in the classroom(Hancock, 1996).1 However even though some whitethorn believe it will create a set back in gender equality, having single-sex classrooms whitethorn be exactly what the States needs to boost international test gain and students manageances.Although many an(pre no.inal) critics reg ain single sex classrooms are insufficient because they dissever the sexes, they are efficient because there are many ways that they enhance students performances by focusing on gender needs and eliminating distractions.234Currently America is seeing a drop in the youths test scores in school and are seeking out options for solutions to these low scores. This poor performance has led to calls for channelizes in public school education. According to the Article Boys and Girls learn variantly A Guide for enlighteners and parents by Michael Gurian,Patricia Henley, and Terry Trueman, one solution the country may be thinking of to kick in up the low scores in classrooms could be single sex classrooms (2001).The reason for this is because the country necessitates to see how single-sex classrooms would affect the youths scores and change their performance in school overall.For our young ones this may mean they will see less coeducational classrooms and more single sex classrooms bei ng weaponed roughly the country and by chance in their avow school. Some believe the reason our youth generation are receiving such low scores is possibly because of the social stuff they face each and everyday in the classroom. According to Peter Simon the author of, Single Sex Classrooms minimized Distractions at Two Buffalo Schools, Simons claims that boys and girls going through adolescents need their own rooms for learn, so they asshole focus on school more and not just on each other(Simon,2008). For kids going through adolescence the only thing they fear is being judged and their self soma. So being in front of the opposite sex and performing or presenting tin stub create a lot of bosom and damper their scores. This is one of the many reasons people line up that single-sex classrooms are a very effective way to stop physical and mental distractions. Although many feel that single-sex classrooms can decrease distractions, there are many different views people have w hen it comes to this topic. Smithers and Robinson the authors of, 567The paradox of single-sex and coeducational schooling,had conducted a study of reviewing girls and boys together in classrooms and on an individual basis to see how it affects the students(2006).They looked at studies from New Zealand, the U.S., Ireland, Canada,the United Kingdom, and Australia and from their watch overings the two authors had concluded that single sex classrooms does not bring an advantage or disadvantage to the students or the schools. 8910This is an shell of a point of view where they may feel that single-sex and coeducational classrooms make no difference because it all depends on the students in the study and how the teachers are withal making a difference for these students. In this study they found that they believe both single-sex classrooms and coeducational classrooms have advantages and disadvantages but neither is considered better or worse.Single-sex classrooms do have their advant ages to a childs performance. In respect to the previous claim there is a beneficial outcome from single sex classrooms. For scrutinyple at Houghton Academy in Buffalo, New York in a single-sex classroom the amount of students who had passed the states eighth-grade math exam went from 30.8% of students to 60% of students due to the single sex classrooms implemented into the school(Peter,2008). Also there was a rise in english too. The passing rate improved from 28.6% to 40% of the students passing(Peter,2008). This nitty-gritty because of the single-sex classroom the test scores entirely improved almost 50% for both subjects.That is a big improvement from coeducational to single-sex classrooms to show that they can make a difference in students performances. Many proponents of single-sex education believe that separating boys and girls increases students achievement and academic interest. genius of those proponents being girl power and encouraging girls to participate more in subj ects that are seen as more masculine. According to the article, Still helplessness at fairness How gender bias cheats girls and boys in school and what we can do about it, by David Sadker and Karen Zittleman, teachers and schools worry that subjects seen as more masculine decrease young girls interests in pursuing these subjects because they feel intimidated(Zittleman and Sadker,2009)111213. This means that when girls are in coeducational classrooms they feel less interested in the traditionally masculine courses such as mathematics, technology, engineering, and science because the boys make the classroom picture seem as if it is very competitive and do not allow for girls to participate as much. root Erin Pahlke explains this in her article, The Effects of Single-Sex Compared With Coeducational Schooling on Students Performance and Attitudes,she claims that single sex classrooms empower girls because it allows them to wonder those masculine classes such as math and science with out being intimidated by the boys and feeling that they are in a masculine based classroom(Pahlke,2014). This shows that girls have better confidence and can build their performance in mathematics and science when in single-sex classrooms. Although girls feel more comfortable separated from boys in the classes seen as more masculine, boys may not always benefit as much as girls. Nancy Protheroe author of,Single Sex Classrooms, claims that some teachers explain that they feel that boys feel uncomfortable in this type of classroom setting and that teaching in a single sex classroom of all boys is a demanding job for the teachers(Protheroe, 2009). One of those reasons may be because boys always alike(p) to compete with one another so the classroom is just a big competition between those students.This shows that even though one gender may feel more comfortable alone,that boys may not feel as comfortable, and may not be able to perform better because of the pressure they feel in a mascu line based classroom.One factor that can affect whether the students performance enhances in a single-sex classroom is the teacher. Some teachers may be willing to adapt to the new single-sex classroom. On the other hand some teachers may not want to teach single-sex classrooms so if they are being forced to teach a class they do not want then the childrens performance will suffer because the teacher doesnt want to prey 100%. For example Michael Gurian and Kathy Stevens explain in their writing,Single Sex Classrooms are Succeeding, that if teachers feel uncomfortable teaching a single sex classroom and feel that it goes against their beliefs they have the option to say no(Gurian Stevens, 2005). This means that if a teacher does not feel that single-sex classrooms is the right idea for the children then they will they have the option to say no. If the teacher can not have a say in the decision and is forced to teach single-sex classrooms that is when you will see no benefits coming from the childrens performance because of the teachers lack of want to be there. Although for those teachers who would like to teach single-sex classrooms there are training sessions they can take. According to Michael Gurian, Kathy Stevens,Patricia Henley, and Terry Trueman,the authors of,Single Sex Classrooms are Succeeding,there are multiple trainings that teachers have already attended through the National Association for Public Single-Sex Education and the Gurian Institute, so that the teachers can be taught and be aware of the naturally different ways that boys and girls learn in the classroom.(Gurian, Stevens, Henley, Trueman 2009). This means for those teachers who would like to experience teaching in single-sex classrooms that they have a chance to be taught how so that there will be a positive atmosphere in the classroom. Overall the country is trying to find an effective way to help improve students scores and performances in school. Some schools are trying to implement single sex classrooms. However in single sex classrooms it does not just depend on the childrens willingness to participate. The teachers willingness and positive attitude in the classroom will play big role in how the students grades will improve. For those who are in single sex classrooms it will take away their social pressure and hormonal distractions for adolescents. It will also help girls succeed more in masculine seen classrooms because they will not feel the social pressure that those programs are just for boys. The feeling of not being judged or pressured helps students scores dramatically because while growing up kids are so worried about self image and not embarrassing themselves that they sometimes forget how important school really is.Authors railway lineAs a whole my strengths in my study I believe were integrating many different sources and presenting a counter argument. Also I feel I had very strong sources. Some weaknesses my paper has is I had trouble breaking up the paragraphs because I had sources in them and I was explaining them in depth so it made them very long. Also another weakness is my word choice I feel that I could have used better words to describe certain situations. At this point as I turn in my paper I have revised it about 2-3 times and cut low on paragraphs and switched the format so it made more sense. Some of the paragraphs are direct moved around to flow better.However, this has been a work in progress since I made my outline during spring break.My take for feeback is do you think I presented my argument very well or do you believe I jumped all over the place? Regardless of what is written above I spent 2 hours ever-changing and paraphrasing my work so that I did not plagiarize. I feel that I paraphrased what the authors said instead of copied it now that I went back and changed my paper. I Thank you very much for letting me revise and not failing me right away. This is my 4th revision so it should be okay now.Work s Cited PageGurian, Michael, et al. Boys and Girls Learn Differently. Ebscohost. Ed. Michael Gurian et al. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 may 2015.http// vid=0format=EBrid=1.Gurian, M., K. Stevens, and P. Daniels. Single Sex Classrooms Are Succeeding. Ebscohost. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 whitethorn 2015. .Hancock, LynNell. A Room of Their Own. Ebscohost. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 May 2015. http// data=JnNpdGU9cG92LWxpdmU%3ddb=pwhAN=9606187719.Pahlke, Erin, Hyde Janet, and Allison M. Carlie. The Effects of Single-Sex Compared With Coeducational Schooling on Students Performance and Attitudes A Meta-Analysis. Ebscohost. N.p., 2014. Web. 19 Apr. 2015. http// NvcGU9c2l0ZQ%3d%3ddb=pdhAN=2014-038 98-001anchor=c170.Peter, Simon. 1. Single-sex classrooms minimize distractions at two Buffalo schools Principals separate boys and girls in grades seven and eight. ProQuest News and Magazines. N.p., 2008. Web. 19 Apr. 2015.https// 455627612?accountid=42411.Protheroe, Nancy. Single-Sex Classrooms. Ebscohost. N.p., May 2009. Web. 19Apr. 2015. http//, David, and Karen Zittleman. Still Failing at Fairness How Gender Bias Cheats Girls and Boys in School and What We Can Do about It. Ebscohost. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 May 2015. http// pdfviewer?sid=9068df59-cbc5-4a39-a0ba-5cf10b5d5796%40sessionmgr4004vid=1hid=42Smithers, Alan, and Pamela Robinson. The Paradox of Single Sex and Coeducational Schooling. Alansmithers. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 May 2015. http// identified, and, I think, is a near(a) thesis.3_Marked as resolved_4_Re-opened_5Words taken today from Words taken from https// as resolved_7_Re-opened_8Words taken directly from Words taken from https// as resolved_10_Re-opened_11This is taken directly from http// as resolved_13_Re-opened_

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