Thursday, April 18, 2019

Global Study Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Global Study - Assignment characterAccording to the article The Chinese Century by Joseph E. Stigitz, China overtook the US as the largest Economy of the world. The source states that it is a wakeup call that came as a surprise for the US. Is it true that China is the words largest economy as of now, and what are the future expectations? China enters the year 2015 as the worlds largest economy (Stiglitz). Latest watchword show that China has truly become the worlds leading economy and the US is add up 2 after 142 years (Since 1872). The economy of the Chinese is worth(predicate)y $17.6 gazillion while that of the US is worth $17.4 trillion. Chinas economy will still grow further IMF estimates it to be 27 trillion in 2019.The New York Times article Chinas Economic Empire by Heriberto and Juan the States and Europe has become uncomfortable with Chinas rise economically. Is it true that China is taking over American and European companies? What is evident is that China has bought large companies of the west such as the American porc producer, Smithfield Foods and Club Med (HERIBERTO and JUAN). According to BBC news, Chinese companies have 2 ways in which they expand overseas organically through scaling their processes, or organically acquisition of foreign

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