Saturday, April 20, 2019

Discover culture not related to mine Little Italy Essay

Discover culture not related to mine Little Italy - Essay ExampleWhen I arrived to San Diego last Thursday afternoon round 3 pm. I dropped my stuff at Sheraton hotel near to San Diego airport where about three minutes onward from Little Italy. Then when I arrived to Little Italy, I took pictures of Indiana street where the big sign represents the promise of community as Little Italy underlined by San Diego. I noticed the are buildings where hanging the Italy flight to incur tourisms to their community. There are painted colorful artistic creation of different shape and draw on the bulwark on Nelson photo supplies shop. While I walking around, I was fascinated by fountain where has in the middle round statue carry the anthropomorphic hemisphere. However, to investigate more about Italian community, I descend to interview old female who was walking at street with her husband. I got the lady attention when I asked her if wither she is Italian origin. She stared at me in astonish ed directed asking me what was regard to. I explained to her that I would wish to know details from original people. Nevertheless, ladys name is Anna and she was at the age of 3 when she immigrates to the U.S with her family in order to lay out the fishing business. Italian families build up their community and business fifteen years ago which was ground on tuna industry. Nowadays, Italian business has been declined and the tuna trade has been owned by some families business. horizontal though the Italian community changed their traditional buildings, you can still taste the culture of Italy by the art galleries on some walls, and having pizza.I went to a boutique for custom made accessories, the decoration of the boutique is look like a small house with outside balcony allow customers to be seated on chairs and remove what designed they wish to manufacture their accessory. I went to Mona Lisa Italian Restaurant which located at 2016 Indiana street, San Diego. The eating hous e offered very wide selection of

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