Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Week 7 Discussion Question 1 Effect of a Meger Assignment

Week 7 Discussion Question 1 Effect of a Meger - subsidization ExampleProgress cogency Company faced these challenges because it had failed for annual based revenue increase of 12% with North Carolinas Utilities Commission (Munson, 2011). Through the union, shareholders will whoop it up earnings accretion, based on adjusted diluted earnings per share. I believe the value will be realized on the stakeholders because of the growth of the peck after the merger. Wald (2012) reveals that the new corporation has over seven million retail customers and owns about sixty seven gigawatts of generating capacity this indicates a great growth in the corporation hence shareholders are going to benefit from the merged corporation due to increased profits than before merging.During merging, the less important company loses its individuality and becomes part of the more important company, in terms of management the important company runs almost everything in the corporation (Duke Energy, 2012). In the merger between Duke Energy and Progress Energy, progress energy has been absorbed and become a subsidiary of duke energy. The headquarter of the corporation remains in Charlotte. The accounting approach used in the merger is aimed at upholding the corporations name they retain the name of the corporation. By taking total control and absorbing the other company, the corporation is able to run well without antonym from the other company.Duke Energy. (2012). Mergers & Other Corporate Actions Duke Energy/Progress Energy Merger Information. Retrieved 20 Nov. 2012 from http//www.duke-energy.com/investors/individual-investors/merger-spinoff-documents.asp.Wald, M. (2012). Duke and Progress Energy Become Largest U.S. Utility. The New York Times. Retrieved 21 Nov. 2012 from

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