Sunday, June 2, 2019

James Baldwin versus Malcolm X Essay -- Race African American

Gentle Yet Strong Leading the OppressedMalcolm X and James Baldwin were two men that compete a large role in defining a people and a cause during the 1950s and 1960s. Both of these men were dynamic Afri piece of ass-Americans who lived primarily to champion their people, who were terribly persecuted in the United States for many years. The interesting thing about these two men is that they strove towards the same goalto unify African-Americans and give them strength and government agencybut they accomplished this goal in very different ways. Malcolm X, a leader in the Nation of Islam movement, believed that African-Americans needed to acquire strength and confidence so that they could separate from the White man and live together in peace, harmony, and production. On the other hand, James Baldwin, renowned writer, believed it necessary for African-Americans to have strength and confidence so that they might coexist on the same level as whites and accomplish what whites were a ccomplishing. The methodology and teachings of James Baldwin and Malcolm X differed greatly, but their general belief, that African-Americans were just as goodish as everybody else prevailed over all else, and made these men two of the very important faces of a generation. More often than not, the quality of leadership lies deep within certain people. It is not a quality that people build or develop easily. The basis of good leadership is personality. Those who have dynamic and charismatic personalities can lead, if they choose to do so. Malcolm X possessed these types of qualities. Throughout his life, Malcolmborn Malcolm Littlealways showed a proficiency for leadership, as evidenced by his roles as seventh-grade variance president, as leading hustler ..., Noaman. 2000. 28 Apr. 2004. .Baldwin, James. Down at the Cross. 1963. James Baldwin Collected Essays. Ed. Toni Morrison. New York library of America, 1998 296-347.---. Take Me t o the Water. 1972. James Baldwin Collected Essays. Ed. Toni Morrison. New York Library of America, 1998 353-403.---. To Be Baptized. 1972. James Baldwin Collected Essays. Ed. Toni Morrison. New York Library of America, 1998 404-474.Harper, Frederick D. The Influence of Malcolm X on Black Militancy. Journal of Black Studies 1 (June 1971) 387-402.Hoyt, Charles Alva. The Five Faces of Malcolm X. Negro American Literature Forum 4 (1970) 107-112.Shabazz, Ilyasah. Malcolm X. Ebony July 2002 122-124. X, Malcolm. Gods Judgement of White America. 4 Dec. 1963. Ali. 28 Apr. 2004.

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