Wednesday, June 12, 2019

ART Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 14

ART - Essay ExampleProbably, this is to contrast the main carving from its environment with the intention of making it stand off and appear more visible. In addition, the manhood is extremely muscular with a clean-shaved head, which aligns well with his shining entire body. The illuminating light from the upper front prompts the man appear as if he is working during a sunny day, mostly unadorned from his shinny muscular physique.The computes texture is supremely flavourless besides the sculptor making the entire public figure appear tactile. This is evident from the shininess aspect of the entire carving from the clean-shaven head to the material he is working on with a chisel and hammer. This soma is asymmetrical though the sculptor has utilized space well, which comprises it surroundings, hence emphasizing the aspect of proportionality. This is also evident in its scale, which is comparable with the base, hammer and the stone is hewing to produce the desired size or shape. F rom observation, the sculptor has carved this image intentionally to be a unlikeable form hence, its appearance does not lose the viewers attention or admiration. This is because eyes after observing at one point of the image tend to shift towards the central point where the man is focusing. The choice of carvings color is also another sculptors technique to latch on and hold the attention of the viewer. This is because it contrasts with humans ordinary skin color besides being more exaggerated than it ought to be so, that the image stands out well.By observing this image, I think the sculptor has put more exaggeration than necessary to draw his or her audiences attention and admiration. This is evident from the weighted black and shiny color on the entire carving. The sculptor has ignored the application of diverse shades meant to reveal certain distinct parts of the image like eyes, nose, hair, hammer and the stone he is hewing. Besides,

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