Friday, June 21, 2019

International business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 4

International business - Essay ExampleTo Black well up (UK) to effectively penetrate the business, a proposed entry strategy will be provided in the study.For the last part of the study, the impact of cultural and ethical factors in make the involvement of Black Well will be tackled. Prior to conclusion, recommendation on how Black Well should standardise its marketing mix within Hollands floricultural industry will be provided.The strong support of Holland government in the development of floricultural activities is an important success factor. As a focal point of encouraging floricultural breeders to develop red-hot variety of plants, the government protects them under the intellectual property rights to enable them to generate more income out of exclusively interchange a specific plant variety (Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, 2008).Aside from protecting the players within the industry, Holland government also supports the development of more effective greenh ouses by sponsoring the trials of newly innovated greenhouse that enables the growers to make use of surplus raise up during summer which will be consumed as heat during winter or convert the heat into electricity (Alter, 2006).Since there is significantly large number of players within the Hollands floricultural industry, the business players within the industry are experiencing tight competition in both domestic and international markets. For this reason, each business player need to pay close attention on having a tight quality carry over cut and potted flowers to enable them to maintain a close business relationship with its domestic and global distributors and regular customers.Aside from giving immensity with the tight quality control on horticultural production, each business player within the industry also need to continuously innovate new technology that will enable them to effectively produce their specialized floral species with less operational cost. (Ministry of Agri culture, Nature and

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