Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Premature birth & the sociological effects Research Paper

Premature birth & the sociological effects - Research Paper Example Dr. Mathew Allin, the research leader, has linked these symptoms to different possibilities such as remaining in the incubator makes bonding of the child and the parents difficult; genes could also be a reason of this personality disorder (BBC News). A premature baby faces continuous exposure to stress from invasive procedures, pain, sleep disturbances, and changes in less severe problems such as temperature, noise, and hunger. Even after being delivered to parents from the ICU care, a child experiences stress from regular fever, growth delays, and feeding problems. The life-risky problems challenge the under-developed coping mechanism of the child, as a child can undergo on an average 60 painful invasive procedures after admission to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. In a study by Brandt et al, it was found that about 50% of all premature babies have learning disabilities in comparison to 9% of their peers. The IQ score of low-birth-weight premature babies is low in comparison to normally delivered babies (Maroney 679-83). There is a correlation between post -traumatic-stress-disorder (PTSD) in the parent of a premature baby and its resultant effect on the baby. The level of PTSD shown by the parent of the premature child is not definite but studies have shown that mothers of such babies show more PSTD symptoms in comparison to mothers of normally delivered healthy babies. Babies of such mothers are more prone to happenings of PSTD. Effects of such stress remain for long term in the lives of PSTD children. As the main care provider to the infant is the mother, studies have shown that due to the close relationship between the mother and the child, the mother can help the child in controlling the stress and providing a feeling of security. Parents of such children should provide Kangaroo Care with suitable Infant Massage to the child to reduce the stress level of the premature baby (Maroney 679-83). A child views the surroundings and

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