Thursday, October 17, 2019

Dangers of Web 2.0 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Dangers of Web 2.0 - Essay Example They may not explore a site that they do not agree with; very easily they can do another search and find what they are looking for. People tend to go to sites that have similar views or opinions as themselves.   By gaining information from traditional media sources they are exposed to many â€Å"different political and socioeconomic and cultural identities†.  Ã‚   Lanier also agrees with Keen that as Web 2.0 has progressed people have lost their individuality and joined more collective or community web sites Lanier does not like that â€Å"People tend to loose themselves in group think†. On this issue Keen and Lanier have similar thoughts on problems with Web 2.0.   It is important for people to listen and hear multiple sides of an issue.   A person should explore other theories or thoughts.   Many times they find similarities or they may even agree with the other side’s arguments if they listen to their thoughts behind their ideas.   An example of th is is a political campaign.   Many people in our society are Republican or Democrats because that is what their family’s political affiliation has been.   They have not taken the time to listen to the other political party’s thoughts on the issues and where they stand.   Many times when someone from the other party is giving a speech, they won’t listen to them.   More than likely a republican is not going to go to a democrat’s website to educate themselves on their side of the issue.

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