Thursday, October 3, 2019

Nha trang station Essay Example for Free

Nha trang station Essay ?Unfortunately, at the time when the train came at nha trang station, its machinery was damaged. All of passengers on board received notice from the commander of the train is to stay in this city 2 days for them to repair machinery because no train to replace. Staffs at station guided passengers on board to the hotel to rest. Fortunately, I was visited one more a beautiful beach city on my travelling. First day, I woke up early and explored this city on the map. My family decided to travel by self-sufficiency. I went a round the city to watching the beach, it was so pretty and agreeable with fresh sea atmosphere, cool. The people are also very friendly and welcoming when I asked for directions or tourist places, even they willing take my family to tourist place and eating. My family started to go around to visit these beautiful islands by boat. I was so excited to be sitting on the boat for travel around of the islands. I was feeling like I mixed with the nature. Finally my family decided to stop one islands nearby for swimming and eating. An island was very beautiful with caves was created by natural. I went to swim and have fun with my family. I participated in these games service on the island such as diving or Jet Ski and eat seafood with my family on the coast. The whole day for swimming on the island, my family was so tired when we came back to the hotel. At night on this beach city was so dreamy with a lot of colorful brilliant. Everybody came to the coast for relaxing with the cool air, coffee, dinning and sing a song. I walk to coffee shop near the hotel to sit and watch the beach and living of the people present at night while my family was resting at the hotel. Nightlife here is very lively and fun. After that I returned to take a rest at my hotel. A second day, my family took a tour to seafood super market, temple, and some nice place. In the afternoon, my family came to the train station for continuing the journey to Hanoi.

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