Saturday, October 19, 2019

Orgnazational citizenship behavior( carrefour china) Essay

Orgnazational citizenship behavior( carrefour china) - Essay Example Although the Carrefour Foundation did succeed in taking humanitarian initiatives, yet it lacked involvement of the company’s own employees in its efforts. Therefore, the Board of Directors took measures to increase employees’ participation. Food program, professional integration and solidarity were the three core areas at which the Carrefour Foundation specifically focused. Carrefour primarily sells food and grocery products. The Carrefour Foundation has developed links between people and farmers for provision of healthy food. The employees of Carrefour established an organic pepper industry in Shuiruo and Saba and taught the farmers ways to implant certified organic Sichuan peppers. The employees also delivered lectures on personal hygiene to improve health and safety condition in the very villages. In 4 years, Carrefour has contributed up to â‚ ¬90,000 for the program. Fair trade is encouraged by purchasing significant portion of the total crops every year above ma rket value. Carrefour buys the products from farmers and then sells them over in 22 different countries. The foundation has also opened a school for the community and has improved the infrastructure. The program has helped raise the income of farmers, improved their living conditions in general, and has promoted social solidarity (

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