Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Guidelines for Country Case Report ( Viet Nam) Essay

Guidelines for Country Case Report ( Viet Nam) - Essay Example on (ASEAN) in 1995, and thereby of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), and signed memorandum of understanding for commercial cooperation with the European Union (USA International Business Publications 121). Moreover, Vietnam consents to all efforts in support of its economic development and foreign investment (122). Despite moderation of trade barriers and enhanced diplomatic relations with more than a hundred territories worldwide, Vietnam remains true to the communist ideals. The Vietnamese Communist Party (VCP) still has control of election of government officials, from the highest to the most minor positions; and prohibits establishment of independent political, religious and labor organizations (USA International Business Publications 122). This is one practice that does not correspond with the concepts of globalization; yet seems to have worked well in Vietnam, perhaps because the greater part of its population trusts that it serves the common good. In this case, it is safe to assume that Vietnam recognizes the advantages of international trade but views all states as autonomous (Harrison)—meaning, interdependence may exist but it does not force all states to follow a resolute pattern of governance as was intended for the Washington Consensus. From the surface, this realistic philosophy of Vietnam towards foreign affairs, that is, making certain actions to open itself to globalization yet is not willing to share sovereign powers with other actors (Brawley 47), appears to provoke conflict among those that consider themselves dominant. Following the game theory perspective, however, this can be associated to a game of stag hunt—wherein cooperation among actors is the key to seizing the best price, although delegation of a leader or each actor deciding on its own strategy does not significantly affect the aftermath of the event. As mentioned earlier, Vietnam puts diplomacy at the forefront of all its ventures; and should there be a risk of tension due to

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