Saturday, August 10, 2019

Chinese popular culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Chinese popular culture - Essay Example To be more specific, this paper will also drill into the deep contrast between college graduates and peasant laborers in terms of the issue. The roles of crime and corruption and social stability and mobility will also be discussed to understand the spread of the issue in China fully. Unemployment and Population The current population of The People’s Republic of China has climbed to 0.01% since last year’s update. To date, the country’s population is approximately 1.354 billion, which is 363.3 people per square mile, basing on its total land area—still the largest in the world (World Population Statistics n.p.). The huge population of China is said to be one of the primary reasons why the problem with unemployment still continues. There are so many advancements in China like the establishment of the world’s largest building called the New Century Global Center, which has an area of 1.7 million square meters alone could provide more job opportunities for fresh graduates and other job seekers (Beam n.p.). However, because of their population density, it is still very difficult to accommodate all of those who are jobless. Aside from large buildings for businesses, there are also amusement and entertainment parks that aid in the country’s tourism industry. ... It is twice as difficult for the peasant laborers coming from poor families in rural areas with less or no education at all because they are most likely discriminated or abused at work compared to educated Chinese (Ren 105). In addition, because of the increase in population, landing a job will even be harder for both the white collared and the peasants in the neoliberal globalization era of PRC. Increase in population will also mean increase in social issues because it will be difficult for the government to balance everything by tending to the issues one by one. Problems in housing, education, and social services are also rooted from overpopulation in China. These problems remain unsolved, and they badly need to be paid attention to by the government. Housing, Education, and Social Services The problem of providing houses to so many people also springs from overpopulation. It will be stressful to provide land areas for families to build houses on that is why most of the families li ve in apartments or other high rise buildings in order to save space. However, not all can afford this type of housing. They may be a really rich country, but there is still poverty in some areas there. In terms of education, many are able to go to school, but there are also unlucky ones who do not have the chance. Thus, the competition becomes biased to those who are more educated when it comes to choosing the people for a job position. In the socialist China, they developed a household registration system that has also a connection with education and benefits. This has created a great divide between the rural and urban China creating different levels of social classes.

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