Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Enlightment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Enlightment - Essay Example He considered education a tool for enlightenment which needed to be observed at all costs. Freedom of religion was also taken into consideration and was considered equally important. Frederick the Great also wrote many books about religion. He allowed his subjects to believe in any type of religion they liked (Murvar, 2013). Frederick is also considered as enlightened despot because of his contribution to promoting industry, commerce and agriculture. He reorganized the indirect taxes system, which provided the state with additional revenue than before. Additionally, Frederick the Great is considered as an enlightened despot because his mother brought him up with the educational values of the enlightenment. In his childhood, his mother tutors who were in a position to teach him poetry. French culture and the Greek classical literature. His father also insisted that he needed to be taught matters related to politics and military. Therefore, he became a military genius (Halpern, 2007). Lastly, Frederick became a patron of arts and sciences. He was also a talented musician, writing flute sonatas. At some point, he corresponded with intellectual leaders of enlightenment such as Voltaire. In his scientific work, he encouraged the Berlin academy and encouraged architects to build elaborate buildings and structures. Such structures and buildings established Berlin as a cultural capital (Halpern,

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