Sunday, August 11, 2019

Business memo Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Business memo - Assignment Example As for privacy, the candidates should not give out their passwords and neither shall information obtained used for any other different purpose. The search should look for factors that can make a candidate the best suited for the job or factors that can make him or her unsuitable. From, the social sites searches, Ms. Flanders will be able to learn more about the interpersonal skills of the candidate such as non-verbal communication skills and the social life of the candidate. Because Hathaway Jones is a luxury apparel retailer, Ms. Flanders should look for the fashion sense of candidates through the photos they post. Secondly, Ms. Flanders should gauge the behavior of candidates as suggested through their photos, comments, and conversations with their friends. From this information, Ms. Flanders will learn more about the prospective candidates. Through Google search Ms. Flanders can verify the authenticity of the academic qualification stated by the candidate and the work experience. Secondly, through Google search Ms. Flanders can be able to know of the candidates’ criminal record or past misdemeanor that can make him or her unsuitable for the job. In order to ensure that the searches do not incur the company a lot of cost, the company should state in their job adverts that those wishing to apply for the advertised positions should ensure their personal profile or page can be viewed by the public in either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. This will minimize the time for carrying out the searches and the labor required since it will be a simple task. In order to ensure that the searches are uniform for all candidates the same checklist or criteria for searching should be applicable to all candidates to look for similar factors or issues about each candidate. In order to prevent against any form of discrimination, candidates should ensure that their

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