Friday, July 26, 2019

Working with and Leading People Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Working with and Leading People - Essay Example Leadership is all about leading some followers. Management is much more focused towards managing people in organizations. Leadership has the concept of followers but management has the concept of subordinates. For leadership, vision is very much important but for management achieving different goals are important. Leadership is generally transformational, but management in general transactional. Leadership is very much focus towards transforming lives of followers. It believes indecisive changes in the lives of followers but on the other hand, managers are much more concerned with assigned tasks. They are not that much interested in subordinate’s lives. Leadership brings innovation into the system but managers, administer and govern those systems. Leadership develops different new things but management maintains those things. Leadership inspires people but management believes on controlling people. Leadership has a long-range view but management has a short-range view. Leaders hip does the right thing but management does the thing in right ways. Leadership creates but management imitate those creations. Leadership is a very vast concept but management is less vast concept than leadership. Leadership is all about leading from the front in case of management performance is the ultimate thing.Late Steve Jobs the founder of Apple computers is the example of the leaders who developed the idea of Apple computers. Indra Nooyi current CEO of PepsiCo is a good example of management personality.

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