Sunday, July 28, 2019

Progressive Thinking and Mismanagement in the Development of America Essay

Progressive Thinking and Mismanagement in the Development of America Before the American Revolution - Essay Example It is evident from the study that the ability of Americans to create productive things and ideas develops their society before the Revolution even takes place. In the words of Butler, despite the fact that British mainland colonies in America during the eighteenth-century were not considered as fully developed modern societies, those can still be considered sustainable. The British colonies in mainland America were able to show developments in their trade, transportation, education, press, government, and social structure. The advancement in these aspects shapes the culture of British colonies in America. As a British colony, the economy of America depended on the products of its lands. Britain imposes total domination on all its colonies including both political and economic superiority; subordination is a must for these newly acquired territories. In the words of Newell, American farmlands are considered as subject to agricultural experiments, a source of raw materials and crops th at would be transported to England as property of the Crown. Success in trade was carried out through fast transportation systems and favorable relationships with neighboring lands. In 1630s, for instance, the success of the tobacco production in Chesapeake and sugar in the West Indies ensure that food production is sufficient enough for exportation and consumption of the colony. Aside from the fact that American colonies amass wealth and strategic advantage for England, it also serves as a place of exile for slaves, prisoners, religious dissidents and ethnic groups. With this in mind, it can be said that America is, initially, a diverse society as its settlers came with different social orientations. While this diversity creates conflicts, it also helps settlers to respect each other. For the reason that they are considered enemies of the Empire of Britain, they share a common goal, to be free and build their own government and economic system. For instance, trade develops as a res ult of successful business relations with settler groups. Effective trade relation is one of the factors affecting the economic development of Colonial America. Education Other than the development of economy through trade and transportation, British in America establishes schools for their children and natives. Although illiteracy is widespread in America, parents took the effort of teaching their children essential skills such as reading, writing, counting, and household tasks. In addition, local teachers and parsons organized schoolhouses for both boys and girls. While this system of education is not considered formal, this also contributes to the spread of knowledge and increase in literacy progress.

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