Friday, July 19, 2019

The Multiple Person Complex :: Writing Education Teaching Essays

The Multiple Person Complex Well, I am embarrassed to admit this, but the assignment of the metaphor for life at a university was not something I worked very hard to write. Even more embarrassing is that it is evident when you read my paper. When I look back on it, I don't see a metaphor at all. A comparison? Yes. But there's no metaphor in my paper. That proves to me, and everyone in the class, that I didn't put a lot of thinking into my writing. So I have to ask myself why a paper that was easy enough to write could have turned out so wrong. I think that I truly intended to use a jigsaw puzzle as a metaphor for my experiences of life at Bemidji State University. But as I wrote the paper, I remember feeling removed from the project and the contents. I was merely "creating" in to hand in. So I started with an object I could use for a metaphor, the puzzle, then just wrote out a simple comparison. I didn't even think about it not being a metaphor until I got it back a couple of days ago. It wasn't at all how I viewed life at the college. It was simply easier to do, than to explain way I really felt, like some strange force just keeps pushing me through school, and that I don't feel comfortable with the idea of what my education will bring me, or won't bring me. Instead of putting my real experiences on the paper with my real voice pulling the reader into my paper, I ended up with a dull, simple paper that didn't even fulfill the assignment. The difference between me as the writer and the "me" portrayed in my papers is evident in my paper "Thoughts on Organization." I was very unsure of how to do the assignment, so I followed Marnie's advice and just started writing as things came to me. I wrote my thoughts as they occurred, basically. My little quirky comments are very true to my personality. In the metaphor paper I didnà ­t use any of them. In fact, I purposely kept them out, thinking they had no place in a paper or essay. (How very institutionally OS of me, huh?) The reason I put the into other papers, is because I worked really hard on the, gave them long consideration, and wrote them with me as the "character" in them.

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