Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Select one article from our text book, or one document from the Assignment

Select one article from our text book, or one document from the Internet, and evaluate what you feel are it's strengths and weaknesses - Assignment Example Most organizations face this issue. As there is a change of reality, they do not address moves in their competitive environment and thus find it hard to sustain their competitive advantage. According to the article, the main issues of theory of businesses revolve around connecting the three key parts together. These parts are reality, organizational competency and business focus. The following points are to be kept in mind to keep the theory of business relevant presently and in future. One is that reality is defined by the market place and moves to where it wants. For an organization to be successful, it has to study the changes taking place in the market and know that the key to success is their capacity to determine what the customer is willing to pay for at the moment and in the future. Another factor is that an organization attains focus when it aligns itself with reality. Thus, if it wishes to be successful, it concentrates on the moves in the market place and adjusts its business programs to cater for those needs. After an organization is aware of the changes needed, it has to identify and develop skills and competencies needed to prosper in the long term. The author recommends that organizations ought to review their theory of business continually as there is no business that is static. There are also times that organizations ought to be cautions like in the startup stage, times of fast transformation, unforeseen failures or success and when the organization is about to attain its present goals and objectives. The objective of the article is to address business theory. It is to address where organizations go wrong so that they do not achieve success and the solutions that they ought to embrace and apply. The author of the article accomplishes this objective by addressing where the problem comes in. At the end of the article, solutions are offered. The author states that,

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