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The French Revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

The French Revolution - Essay typefaceBasttile was a prison created and maintained by French Monarchs in 1989. It was the symbol of Monarchs which stack wanted to fascinate get demolish (Carlyle 109). The falling of the Basttile remarkably stimulated the civilian activity. It increased the morals of the French people, the French public continuing the revolution with much spectacularer impact and force. It was after the falling of the Basttile, the creation of Cahiers took place, which was a forum where a poors word was heard and got addressed (Clark 340).Cahiers was a forum, which divided the communication pattern in three Estates. The First Estate was the Estate of the clergy, which belonged to the religious community. The Second Estate was nobility, which was the selected and most privileged segment of the society at the time of revolution. The Third Estate was the middle class, which exposit the urban and the underprivileged segment of the society (McKay and Hill 590). The plenty of grievances came from the third Estate, which represented the poor of the society. As it was the word of the poor, so it was not much heard in the Elite segment of the society. The composed models came from Paris, which in conclusion not favored and got accepted in the third Estate. This brought the class discrimination giving the reason to the people to rise up as a revolution (Carlyle 130).Both the Napoleonic Code and the Declaration of the Rights of soldiery contained ideologies of the French revolutionists (McKay and Hill). It was the social security, security of peoples lives and property and assurance of basic civil rights of separately citizen, which both declarations kept in their mention. Both codes had the same agenda and that is to reject the force of oppression at each societal level. The code and the declaration assured the principles of morality, the principles of equality and social justice (Clark).He was the great Haitian revolutionist Toussaint LOverture who adhered to the principles of

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