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Harlem Renaissance Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Harlem Renaissance - look into Paper ExampleThe participants likewise wanted to eliminate the influence of Victorian society principles that propagated racial discrimination. The nominal head created the basis for African American culture development and greatly influenced the attitude towards blacks in the whole world. Harlem, the regularise of the New York City, was the heart of the movement. The Harlem Renaissance also affected the social life of blacks, because a bit later, in 1940-50, galore(postnominal) blacks moved to northern American cities that testified about the improvement of their social influence and the development of their ethnic and social life. There were also many organizations created in order to defend and promote the rights and freedoms of African Americans, to proclaim blacks and to remind them about their cultural identity (Huggins). As a result, African Americans found the way to such big centers as Paris and New York City and, what is the most impor tant, they managed to unite and support distributively new(prenominal) on their way to cultural revival. The influence the Harlem Renaissance had on social sphere made this fulfilment of cultural development unique in the world history. Not only fiction literature was created during this halt but also a great number of social magazines and newspapers were issued. The Crisis, Opportunity, Negro World argon among them. ... It is interesting that Harlem was the place of white masses residence, and when the movement was created, it turned into a residence of black people. Certainly, this was a kind of a victory and as a result other regions of the New York, which were close to Harlem, also became full of blacks. African American intellectuals from other American cities came to Harlem to live or just to meet each other. Such unity played a very important role as it helped revive African American cultural identity and make whites respect them and their culture (Patton). The Harlem Re naissance presented American history with many outstanding personalities. The poet Langston Hughes (1902-1967)became famous after his publications in The Crisis, the famous magazine in Harlem Renaissance period. His poems helped shed the electric arc on the real life of African Americans and contained hard critics of the prejudices and racial discrimination. His poems called African Americans upon to stop despise their knowledge culture, to start respect themselves, to build their cultural identity and make whites also respect them. He wrote the night is beautiful, so the faces of my people, the starts are beautiful, so the eyes of my people. Beautiful also is the sun, beautiful also are the souls of my people (Hughes, cited in Rampersad, 1988). Such poems were written in order to make black people like the discolour of their skin and their appearance, to remind them that they have beautiful and wise souls. My seeking has been to explain and illuminate the Negro moderate in Ame rica and obliquely that of all human kind (Hughes, cited in Rampersad, 1988). Claude McKay is another interesting judge in Harlem

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